John Barera & Will Martin - fabric x Just Jack Mix

When you put one of John Barera and Will Martin's records on, you're immediately hit by the bags of emotional warmth and the optimistic spirit that sing through the Boston born pair's collaborative output. Impossible to pin down, it just feels like there's a certain type of magic that happens when the pair combine in the studio and plenty of others would seemingly agree with that sentiment, including one of house music's greatest talents, Steffi, who has backed them aplenty. Featuring one of Barera and Martin’s tracks on her Panorama Bar mix she’s also provided a home to their productions, including their critically lauded LP, Graceless, on her Dolly.

Currently touring and riding high off the success of the LP their set to land in Room Three as part of a showcase with a UK party they feel a certain synergy with: Just Jack. Here in this mix, the duo show exactly us what happens when they get behind the decks together, interspersing muted house tones with prime vintage EBM and disco.

Download: John Barera & Will Martin - fabric x Just Jack Mix

Just Jack celebrate their 9th Birthday in Room Three next Saturday night with Terry Francis, Terry Francis John Barera & Will Martin and Tom Rio & Dan Wild, more info and tickets are here:

Saturday 14th February

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