Justin Drake - fabric x N.o.N Music 4th Birthday Mix

Justin Drake isn’t a name that necessarily arrives accompanied by the loudest of fanfares, however, he's an individual that commands a healthy slice of respect from the house community's inner circle. Known as a sound engineer, a producer (in his own right as well as half of ‘90s seminal act Peace Division alongside Clive Henry) and a DJ that produces consistently engaging selections, he prefers to go by the quality of his content rather than the hype when it comes to his musical expressions. Drake’s been invited by N.o.N's The Pushamann to join him in providing the sonic backdrop to their 4th birthday celebrations in Room Three this coming Saturday night (21st March) and, as he does best, he's laid down a mix which we think speaks volumes about his talent and the true nature of his sound.

Download: Justin Drake - fabric x N.o.N Music 4th Birthday Mix


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