Leftwing & Kody FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

In the midst of a thriving music metropolis finding a sound of your own that people can identify with, let alone a direction that gives your music the space to progress, can be a particularity difficult thing to obtain. But it seems like the Leftwing & Kody duo have crafted a sound that is as raw and underground as it is popular and party-minded. Building up their production capacity has seem them work alongside titans like Robert Owens and Romanthony and their collaborative efforts have already been saluted by luminaries like Carl Cox while the OFF Recordings and Saura labels have been quick to release the boys' house and techno trimmings. Yet it's in the cuts on their own Lost Records label where the two of them have truly explored their capacity for high-level constructs, releasing the upstanding I Know EP to much acclaim and recently announcing their new high energy bassline flex, One Nation.

Ahead of their forthcoming appearance on Friday 19th June - and in aid of release of the aforementioned EP - Leftwing & Kody have recorded yet another exclusive mix (the boys put together a mix for Thump a little while back) to illustrate where they're at currently and to give us a little taster of what's in store a week on Friday…

Download: Leftwing & Kody FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

No tracklist given.

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