Listen To 13 Magic Mountain High Live Recordings

Magic Mountain High is the live union of Move D and Juju & Jordash. Intertwining their expansive collection of electronic music machines (in case you need reminding of what's in Juju & Jordash's collection then look back to our studio feature with them from last year here) and embarking on an unplanned voyage that takes you into deeply cosmic passages and further into feet shifting acid jams, no one performance is the same. It's kind of their thing they just hit play when they get on the stage and see what unfurls, creating a completely unique venture that feeds off audience energy.

The fact is though it's just not possible to have been there for every single one of these individual experiences, even for the most ardent of fan, so it's pretty ace that now Move D has collected a total of thirteen of their recent performances that you can stream and download for free over on his Soundcloud profile. It's also pretty neatly timed to push the fact that Magic Mountain High will be coming to deliver another one of these experiences right here in Room One on 22nd of November, where The Mole will also perform live backed up by DJ sets from Baby Ford and Move D.


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