Listen to Mark Dinimal’s high-velocity D&B mix

Mark Dinimal is a drum & bass producer based in London. Previously known as one third of Data 3, the artist born as Dan Hartley first adopted the playful Mark Dinimal guise in 2018 as an outlet for his stripped-back productions. Since then he’s pushed a string of dark minimalist 170BPM creations, mostly as part of Andy C’s ProgRAM powerhouse. He’s also had a big year outside of the studio, including an official welcome into the family with us at FABRICLIVE. Though he’s played previously both solo and with Data 3, this Friday he prepares for his first date as one of our residents. Ahead of joining the likes of Jubei and DJ Die in Room Two, he delivered a high-velocity mix session leaning heavily on his own solo material to warm us up for the weekend properly.

Download: Mark Dinimal FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


MD – The End
GLXY – Kinesis (Data 3 Remix)
Level 2 & ArpXP – You
Phaction – Hard Truth
Substance – Recognise
Emperor – Made of Light feat. SOLAH
Tweakz – They
RMS & SL8R – Strapped
Monty – Legion
DLR & Quadrant – Ghostfish
MD – Paranormal Dub
BRK & Quantum – Without Sugar (MD Remix)
Revaux – Sacred
Survey & Amoss – Loose Change
Spectrasoul – Faithful
Grey Code – Simple Things VIP
Kings Of The Rollers – Timebomb
Nymfo – That Bongo Track
MD – Manga
MD – On Your Marks
Hyroglifics – Stone Rose
Alix Perez – Numbers feat. BENABU
BOP – Untitled Pattern 68
Hugh Hardie – Cold Touch
Mark System – Break Glass
MD – Arrival VIP
MD – Illusions
Hyroglifics & Fluidity – No More
Sustance – Searching For You (Icicle Remix)
Rizzle I.C.E (Enei Remix)
PRTCL – Terminal
MD – Promises

What have you been up to since we announced you as one of our residents?

Since joining the family, things have been getting pretty hectic to be honest! Mostly at the weekends, between MD and Data 3, the gigs are flowing very nicely, which is keeping me busy. Weekdays, however, consist of music production on a daily basis. On a good week I'm getting a couple of tracks completed, and things are just getting faster and faster as I learn more of those vital techniques.

What was the main inspiration behind the mix?

For this one it was a little more inspired by my own tastes in the production side of drum & bass. I wanted to include tracks that I think can be related to my own music. You may also notice there are quite a few of my own tracks in this mix too. I thought it would be rude not to, as I have just finished my latest EP coming on Vandal Records, alongside a cheeky few unreleased dubs.

You’ve been making drum & bass for many years now. Was that your first love in electronic music?

It's a funny one really – I grew up in Halifax, West Yorkshire and the music scene there was mostly built on retro and bouncy house, so it was a little tricky finding what I wanted. I got my first set of Numark Direct drives when I was 11 years old and used to go down to the local record store and buy mostly trance and UKG. I knew I was always craving drum & bass after hearing it on the radio every now and then, I just never knew what it was until later on in life. I finally discovered it when I was around 15 years old, and I've been hooked ever since.

Who were your early inspirations?

Originally it was DJ Zinc, Mickey Finn and Aphrodite. I also used to be quite into a lot of the Jungle Cakes stuff too, but I met a friend around five years ago now who showed me the ways of Skeptical, Jubei, and more. From then on, my life was changed forever!

How has working with the RAM crew been?

It’s been a great journey so far. We’re still yet to meet in person, but I guess that’s pretty normal in today’s society! After getting my third EP out with them a couple of months ago it’s gone down pretty well, and I'm excited to get more material out soon.

Do you think there’s a lot of difference between your work with Data 3 and Mark Dinimal?

To be honest, from my point of view it’s not all that different. Obviously during a Data 3 set you will hear more of our tracks, and there are three of us so the sets will come across as totally different to the crowd, because Alex and Harry’s mixing styles and tune selections are different. When I play solo, and I get an hour of my own style of mixing and music, coming from a vinyl background, I prefer to let the music roll out a little more and dig for those classics every now and then.

What else are you up to through the rest of the year?

Next up I have my Paranormal EP coming on Vandal this Friday, and then all that is planned so far is to keep improving my production and get the name out there as much as possible. The reaction to what I have released so far has been amazing, and the name seems to keep people happy which certainly helps! I also need to get used to people thinking I'm actually called Mark...

Friday 8th November

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