Listen to Nasser Baker’s all-vinyl house mix

Want to know more about Nasser Baker? Ask Dennis Ferrer. The rising New Jersey talent was taken under Ferrer’s wing as a youngster, collaborating and releasing his own music via the New York pioneer’s Objektivity imprint. But the pair’s close relationship can be explained by more than just their close proximity: like Ferrer, Baker was heavily influenced by 90s hip-hop and R&B, a sound that translates clearly in the bass-heavy house records he’s been putting out over the last few years.

As well as the new music he’s recently been working on with Ferrer, Baker’s got plenty more on the horizon, including an upcoming Farringdon appearance alongside the New York titan this Friday. Ahead of the date he sent us an exclusive all-vinyl mix, drawing from the classic house sound that’s tied into the Big Apple's rich musical DNA.

Download: Nasser Baker Forms x Dennis Ferrer & Friends Promo Mix

Is there a theme to the mix?

There’s no specific theme to the mix. I just wanted to put together something fun to give people an excuse to dance in their living room for a bit.

Where did you source the records from?

Most of the records in the mix were bought from and some are from my record collection; stuff I’ve bought over the years, when I first started DJing.

You’re playing alongside Dennis Ferrer with us, can you talk about the link between the two of you?

Yes! It’s always fun playing alongside Uncle D. We are family – he gave me the keys to his house and studio. It’s my second home. It’s like we’ve adopted each other. At first he was my mentor, and now I see him more as an uncle.

What was your memory of the New York house scene when you were first getting into electronic music?

The New York club scene had a big impact. I always went to Pacha, Cielo, and Santos early on. I was inspired from going to these clubs, and that impacted my sound. My dad would always have to come with me at the time, because I was underage. I never caused any trouble though, so I was allowed back in. Being able to experience the scene at a young age, I got a taste for different sub genres of dance music and decided where I wanted to go.

How would you describe the scene in New Jersey by comparison?

The scene is New Jersey is smaller than in New York. There are not too many events. I find myself going to New York whenever I want to go out – there’s so much going on all the time. But from what I hear, they’ve started doing parties in a new underground place in Elizabeth, New Jersey called Barcode. I’m definitely going to check it out!

Finally what are you up to through the rest of the year?

I’m really excited to share my new music with everyone. I’m working on something cool with Dennis for Objektivity. I’m also finishing up a collaboration with Yulia Niko; the project is all about experimenting and pushing my boundaries. I’m working on new music in the studio pretty much every day, so keep your ears open and practice your dance moves!


1. Jarau – Dubhe [Visionquest]
2. Tripmastaz – Cassette Project [Tripmastaz]
3. Diskop – Funny Gait [Whiteloops]
4. Kerri Chandler – Je T’aime (Main Mix) [Grew Matter]
5. Imbue & Rojid – Everybody [Imbue]
6. Lessi S. – Island In The Wilderness [RAWMoments]
7. NTFO – Descendant (Djebali Remix) [Djebali]
8. Fede Lijt – Misterios [El Milagros]
9. Dollby – Do It (It’s Harder Than It Should Be) [Groove On Music]
10. Brudan – Never [Eclipser Chaser]
11. Uknown – Unknown [White Label]
12. Fast Eddie – Smooth Thunder [D.J. International Records]

Friday 1st February

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