Losoul - fabric x Hypercolour Promo Mix

If you know about Playhouse then you’ll know Losoul. He’s been a big part of what they do since the mid-90s, housing his abstractly formed house on the Frankfurt based landmark house label which in itself is an icon of quality cuts. More recently however the German groove maker has been continuing his legacy on a label that’s a little closer to home for us: the Bristol homed and Room Three regulars Hypercolour, with a two track twelve entitled Slowly Turning.

With such a legacy and a demonstrated capacity to turn out the jams on the floor, Hypercolour picked out Losoul to be their next guest for their next label night in Room Three on the 23rd of this month. Don’t be fooled by this mix’s organic sprung low slung introduction Losoul really picks up the pace as it progresses, a slow burner and then before you know it your hands will be jacking in time with the groove.

Download: Losoul fabric x Hypercolour Promo Mix


Saturday 23rd August

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