masomenos 2 hour balloons mix

Parisian duo, Masomenos are masterminds of the electronic music scene. With Adrien de Maublanc in charge of the production and sound engineering and Joan Costes taking reign of DJing duties and graphic design; their creative flair can be heard mainly on their own label, ‘Welcome to Masomenos.’ Catching the eyes of high profile names such as Ricardo Villalobos, dOP and Raresh, since 2006 the pair have been particularly prolific , having just released their last full-length, ‘Costes Presente... The Third Eye’ in May of 2009. And to those who love distinctive artwork with a strong story element in their music, then make sure you check out the whacky cartoon critters on their imprints vinyl sleeves; a true collector’s item- they bring a smile to the fabric office with each release.

As we get ready for their performance in Room One this Saturday as part of the Tyrant takeover with Lee Burridge and Deepchord feat Echospace (LIVE), the funky minimal techno duo have given us a two hour long promo mix to set your tail feathers shaking and get you hyped for their upcoming longplayer entitled ‘Balloons’ which is set to blow up the underground circuit this Autumn.

Download: Balloon 2 hour live set

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