Metalheadz Signing Mikal Presents His Latest Mix

In the words of Metalheadz boss Goldie: "Mikal is the silent assassin of the Headz camp". A quietly studious producer, Mikal's been working away this past year on producing his debut album for the label, which we're all told has now been handed in and is being widely celebrated in Room Two at FABRICLVE this Friday night. Called Wilderness there's still very little information about the record out there at the minute but we are assured that the album develops on the sounds and themes that Mikal has become known for and it features collaborations with Break, Xtrah, Sophie Barker (Zero 7), RIOT (Buraka Som Sistema) and Chimpo.

"When I signed him, I knew the potential he had in him [and] this album is the full realisation of that potential," Goldie continues, enthused at the prospect. "He's worked very hard at perfecting his craft and I'm very happy to hear it. His inversion of d&b culture has always excited me, the dub element is something that resonates with me as a missing part to the puzzle in the Headz camp."

So with the toast for Mikal's record coming up this weekend, we're proud to be able to host his latest mix.

Download: Mikal - FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix (Sept 2015)


Friday 11th September

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