Morgan Zarate - Hyperdub is 10 Mix

With the Hyperdub label turning marking their 10th year of operation this Friday night by taking over the entirety of the club and programming a hell of a spread across all three rooms, we thought it prudent to celebrate. As such we’ve been archiving some of the articles written in the time before Kode9 and co. started releasing records and were a webzine covering the influence of Jamaican music on London in the run up to the event. But in addition to that, the man Morgan Zarate’s gone and made us a mixtape to mark the event even further.

The London based producer, who’s to date released three EPs on the label, will be spinning in Room Two alongside Deep Medi boss, Mala, Fatima Al Qadiri, Terror Danjah and Champion. And that’s just a tiny cross section of the kind of talent making the journey to Farringdon to toast the decade anniversary of Hyperdub, so ahead of Friday, download this joyously heavy, 35 minute pre-emptive strike...

Download: Morgan Zarate - Hyperdub is 10 Mix

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