Moxie's FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

We always feel hyped when we're due to open up to booth to NTS/BBC Radio 1 host and revered selector, Moxie. The vibes she provides each time she steps inside is forever on point. Hers is a kind of dancefloor dexterity that's rare to find, being able to seamlessly fuse together an array of genres whilst at the same time constructing it perfectly for the given space and soundsystem. It's why she frequently warms up our Martin Audio rig on Friday nights and no doubt why she's relentlessly invited to play at fellow clubbing haunts and festivals ranging from Brixton's defining DMZ dance to Croatia's Dimensions festival.

A good few years since Moxie first played at our Charterhouse hub, she's since contributed her adept musical expertise to our fabric blog on numerous occasions, but with an upcoming set on Friday 18th September, we deemed it time that she permanently demonstrated the sonic dynamism we experience every time she plays for the people of the internet. While kindly answering a few of our probing questions in the midst of Outlook Festival this week, she also fired over an exclusive and long overdue mixtape.

Download: Moxie - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

It’s been over a year since we last featured you on the blog. In that time you’ve continued your fortnightly NTS show, released your first compilation (Moxie Presents Vol. 1) and overseen your BBC Radio 1 Residency shows last autumn. Do you feel like 2014/15 has been something of a banner year?

Moxie: This year has been a great year and I’ve travelled loads for gigs, which I always love. With my NTS show I really wanted to incorporate more interviews and support up and coming artists along with the bigger names, artists such as Four Tet who came onto my show to talk about his album and then the up and coming artists like Shura, Formation and Lapsley who are just about to cross over in a big way. And of course popping back onto Radio 1’s Residency to do another series of shows was great fun. Generally I can’t complain, it’s been a lot of fun this year.

Are there any plans to do Moxie Presents Vol. 2

Most definitely. I’m already working on Vol. 2 at the moment and just bringing it together. I’ve been taking my time with it to get it right but it’s almost there so keep your eyes peeled.

Did all the prep leading up to the release of this compilation get you considering the idea of launching your own label? Has this ever been something you’ve wanted to give a go as your career’s gone from strength to strength?

It’s something I’ve always considered and especially after doing the first compilation it made me think about it in a much more serious way. It was such a fun project to work on and just the whole process of speaking with the artists, getting everything mastered, deciding on the order and everything else in between has made me think about that as the next step. For now I’m happy with everything that’s going on but at some point in the future that’ll be phase 2.

When you select up and coming artists to showcase on your radio shows, what is it about their productions that you listen out for?

I’m especially drawn to the rhythm of the track, sometimes a stand out vocal, the melody and anything that has a particularly percussive vibe about it. If it has something unique that stands out and makes me want to stop and start it back from the beginning I know that’s always a good sign.

Have there been any stand out moments for you this festival season? 

It’s been a wicked summer and the festival season still isn’t quite finished yet but I think out of the ones that I’ve played Nuits Sonores in Lyon was incredible. I played to 5,000 people in an open top disused warehouse and closed the Saturday night stage. Another one which was great fun but a lot more intimate was Farr festival where I DJed at the NTS stage and the vibes from the crowd were crazy fun - I could have easily played for another few hours if I didn’t have to stop. Also Dimensions Festival last week on the Void stage was another great one, the soundsystem is possibly one of the best systems I’ve ever played on at a festival.

If you could pick your favourite festival abroad, which one would it be and why?

I think it would be a toss up between Worldwide and Dimensions because the programming at both are completely on point with the music I love. Plus there’s always a variety of artists to check and they’re both set in beautiful locations with incredible sound systems which is always a must for any festival!

I read that you've plans to launch your own club night On Loop. Can you shed any more light on this? How's it coming along? 

I’ve always wanted to start my own night and create something that’s a bit more special than the average ‘club night’. I don’t want say too much but On Loop is on its way to being launched very soon.

Can you share with us some of your most memorable clubbing experiences?

When I was younger I used to come to fabric a lot on the Friday nights and I’ll never forget the time I went to see Dizzee Rascal for my 18th Birthday and he completely tore it up. It’s funny now that all these years later I'm playing in the exact same room - and even more so when I recently played just before DJ EZ in Room One and I turned around and Dizzee Rascal was in the booth. If you’d told an 18 year old me back then that situation would happen I wouldn’t have believed you!

Finally, are you excited to play in Room One again? Tell us a bit about the mix you've just delivered to us? Is it an indication of how your set might pan out?

It’s always such a pleasure to play in Room One as it is truly the best DJ booth in the world! This mix is definitely a taster of some of the tracks I’ll be spinning, some new ones in there from Midland, Bicep, Leon Vynehall, A1 Bassline plus some oldies that I love...

Moxie - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Chaos In The CBD – Observe
Bicep & Hammer - Go (Bicep’s Liquid Mix)
A1 Bassline – Reinforced Texture
Martyn – EF40
Midland – Stop (Don’t Let The Beat)
Oli Furness – Crash Gordon
Leon Vynehall – Of You
Session Victim – Never Forget
Jean Nipon – Tecpo Cunts
The Maghreban – Now Easy
ACP – Missing Watch
Mateo Matos – New York Style
Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk

Photo: Jack Turney

Friday 18th September

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