Nifu Nifa Presents Klady's WYS! Promo Mix

It’s been one month since WetYourSelf launched 12:12, a new series which aims to showcase the talents of 12 London based labels. Already Nofitstate, Holic Trax and Project London have taken on our Room One space, with eight imprints still to take their turn over the coming weeks. Tief will step up this coming Sunday but in anticipation for the following weekend, when Nifu Nifa will head to Farringdon, we’ve been given a nice introduction by one of its co-founders Nordin Marzok Ali and an exclusive new mix from one of its sterling residents, Klady. A native of Cairo, Egypt but a stalwart of London’s thriving scene, he’s given us a fusion of deep techno and nu-disco that will not only give us a taster of what’s in store a week Sunday but also gets us nicely amped for the weekend ahead.

Download: Klady WYS x Nifu Nifa Mix

WYS!: Can you tell us about Nifu Nifa?

Nordin Marzok Ali: Nifu Nifa is a project run by Aktorse (Juan Jesús Maya), Unknowk (Pepe Suárez) and myself, Nordin Marzok Ali. The idea was born during an inspiring volunteering experience in the Merzouga desert, in  Morocco, in 2009. I was working in a summer camp with children from one of the poorest communities in the area. I wanted to create a platform for aiding children from disadvantaged backgrounds by means of education. Driven by this force, Nifu Nifa donates 100% of profits to charities that support children’s education in the developing world. I have previously worked for Flumo Recordings as a Community Manager and after that I worked as a Label Manager with Various. Working for these two labels was a great opportunity to gain experience and a better knowledge of the industry. Both work with complete different music genres and this gave me a broader vision of music, which was very enriching. For me, the hardest part of running a label is to meet deadlines. It’s so hard making producers to hand over the music on time!

What are the top releases so far?

Our top seller so far is NFNF 003, Walk A Mile In by Ekkohaus. Jokma Hawk by Dixie Yure, is also selling very well too.

Is there a concept behind the label? What are the musical boundaries if any?

Nifu Nifa has two clear objectives. We want to promote new emerging artists from the electronic music scene and support children’s education charities around the world by donating all profits to such causes. In terms of musical boundaries, it’s clear we don’t like putting limits to creativity. If you have a listen to our music, you’ll see what I mean.

Label artists (who is on the label)?

Our main artists are Aktorse, Unknowk, who are also my business partners, Oiram Gar, Charles Moset and Klady.

What are the future plans? Releases? Touring/ artists?

We are very excited about the new times coming. The next stage is to start doing events in London and Spain. We have just released NFNF004 by Dr Palunski & Mr Kroup and we are celebrating our 1st anniversary next month with a very special collaboration with Remi Mazet.

What makes the label different?

We are a new concept of record label: a charitable project. ‘Music for change’ is our motto. We believe music can be a force for change and we have experienced that ourselves when we went to Egypt in April to carry out a music workshop with Educate­Me, the charity we are currently collaborating with. We spent a day working in a school with children from one of the poorest areas in Cairo and we saw how they got completely involved in the workshop, learning, singing and making music themselves! They discovered the magic of music and a reason to continue going to school and learning. Education is an open door to reach their dreams.

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