Pariah - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Having captured attention with his debut release on the revered R&S label - a 12" that explored vastly different beat constructions on either side, delving into the instrumental hip hop quagmire on 'Detroit Falls' on the A side whilst the flip, 'Orpheus' showcased a knowledgeable grasp on garage drum patterns and atmospherics - Arthur Cayzer, working under his Pariah guise has seen a boom in popularity of late. First mixing for the Sonic Router blog back in February of this year, he's since increased his gig schedule, mixed for Mary Anne Hobb's BBC Radio 1 Experimental show, been interviewed by FACT Magazine just last week and will be making his debut appearance down here in Farringdon on the 13th August for the Critical Sound residency in Room Three.

With a new EP on the way for R&S, called 'Safehouses' (which is due out at the end of this month) he discussed multiple asepcts of his musical career to date, including his tune making process with FACT (read the full interview here):

“My writing process is scatty to say the least. I’m the least consistent producer in terms of how often I make beats or how often I finish them. I’d say about 70% of my stuff never makes it past the 16 bar loop phase.

“For that reason, combined with the fact that I’ve only been producing for a relatively short amount of time, the only finished tunes I have are the ones already out or the ones that are forthcoming. It’s a strange feeling and, in a way, it means that occasionally I put myself under too much pressure to make music: that I constantly need to prove to myself that I can still write half decent tunes. I’m slightly envious of producers who have a bunch of really great finished tunes that they can gradually release and even though I can imagine that having a massive backlog could, at times, be frustrating it does ease the pressure.”

Himself a competent DJ, Cayzer has put together a promo mix for us in light of his upcoming appearance, blending forthcoming material from himself with brand new music from Untold & Roska, Superisk and the anthemic 'Fatherless' by Breach.

Download: Pariah - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


Redshape - Mucky Bones (Present)
Office Gossip - Var II (Unreleased)
Untold & Roska - Myth (Forthcoming Numbers)
Breach - Fatherless (Forthcoming PTN)
Steve Poindexter - Work That Motherfucker (Muzique Records)
Model 500 - Huesca (Forthcoming R&S)
Braiden - The Alps (Unreleased)
Pariah - The Slump (Forthcoming R&S)
Four Tet - Sing (Mosca Remix) (Domino)
Joe - Claptrap (Hessle Audio)
Unknown - Unknown (Unreleased)
Ramadanman - Work Them (Swamp 81)
Superisk - Find Your Way (Forthcoming Punchdrunk)
Big Shot - Untitled (Southside Recordings)
Aaliyah - R U That Somebody (Brenmar Windy City Mix) (Unreleased)
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (Tresor)
Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers (No Fun Productions)


Friday 13th August

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