Peverelist - Livity Sound Showcase Mix for Benji B

Bristolian producer Peverelist just uploaded a showcase mix that he made for Benji B's show on BBC Radio 1 at the tail end of last year to soundcloud. It's kind of perfect timing for us considering that it's a showcase mix thats comprised of material released (or forthcoming) on his latest physical imprint adventure, Livity Sound. We already reported that the live incarnation of Livity Sound, thats features Pev, Kowton, Asusu and a plethora of analogue equipment, will be performing at Hessle Audio's Room One takeover on 6th April but now, thanks to this mix, you can grab more of an idea of the music they'll be creating before your eyes.

Dowload: Peverelist - Livity Sound Showcase Mix for Benji B

Catch Peverelist performing live as part of Livity Sound in Room One on 6th April.

Friday 6th April

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