Remarc - FABRICLIVE x Planet Mu Mix

On an afternoon like this, when it’s sunny and you’re utterly spent from a weekend, it’s easy to fumble over words, spending far too long trying to choose the best way to put something. But sometimes serendipity has an even more poignant way of putting it and well, describing Remarc’s music is very much like the affected sound-bite introduction to Remarc’s FABRICLIVE x Planet Mu Mix says: “Remarc: original junglist badboy sound”.

For our purpose today, it’s undoubtedly easier to talk about Planet Mu’s involvement in Remarc’s career, considering that the jungle pioneer and respected master of the amen drum break will be appearing in the Mu hosted Room Two on Friday 20th June. But the fact is, they first started working together reissuing Remarc’s earlier material on the Sound Murderer album, so you can’t really even try and avoid it. That said, the first tune of his that a lot of people latched onto and recognised was ‘Ricky’, a track released in 1993 on his own Dollar label…

As you can hear, the template for a cataclysm of such bounding bass lines and scattershot drum programming that personify jungle music was starting to be interpreted by Remarc in a pretty violent way. Not violent because of the perceived aggression or the tortured “RICKY!” screech, it’s more his approach to layering, to cutting and pasting and micro-editing the drum work that becomes so shocking or confrontational. That sense of an aural threat translated into track titles like ‘R.I.P’, ‘Single Finga Killa’, ‘Stick Em Up’ and ‘Sound Murderer’ which was extrapolated by Mu as the perfect phrase to encapsulate a collection of his early music.

Sharing a lot of the energy and complexity of the Planet Mu roster’s output, Remarc’s brazen and broken brew of beats and breaks found the perfect kinship with the label. Being just as manic and as layered as a lot of the music they're known for, it makes complete sense that the label would call upon Remarc to represent jungle to the fullest and appear on a bill with Luke Vibert, Neil Landstrumm, Ital and Ital Tek a week on Friday.

Download: Remarc - FABRICLIVE x Planet Mu Mix

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