Sam Russo Unveils A New And Timely Sonic Illustration

Only a couple weekends ago were we discussing the motivations of Sam Russo as he delved into conversation with his friend and studio collaborator, Huxley. Opening up for an honest account of both of their careers to date, it’s worth reading if only for the context of this introduction. Russo’s has been a little bit of a wayward journey - with his early house material finding a home on Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom label he seemingly took stock and changed tack, making a conscious decision to make music that asserted himself as an artist rather than a monetize-able commodity.

In the time since Russo’s proven his chops as an adept and adaptable audio engineer, revelling in the benefits of allowing himself to discover the limits of his sonic capabilities slowly, content to build a respected body of work that he could consider timeless in terms of musical associations and niches. With that said he has been busy engineering a plethora of tracks for our esteemed resident Craig Richards, spawning a new and enigmatic collaborative outfit with the aforementioned Huxley and making an abundance of material under a new alias.

Set to link up with the Leftroom collective to help celebrate their 10th year in operation by returning to the rotary in Room One this Halloween, he himself is toasting his immediate future with a new and exclusive mix that sonically illustrates exactly the kind of progression he's been discussing as of late.

Download: Sam Russo - fabric x Leftroom Mix


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