Samu.l - fabric Promo Mix

The attentive followers among you will have probably seen Samu.l's name on a few of our flyers over the past few years. He's played across all of our three floors repping his ever evolving expression of house and techno as the setting demands. He's evidently an artist with talent. He's been asked by Shenoda, Hector & Jay Tripwire to remix their original productions as well as being picked up by One Records and Dogmatik for releases. With recommendations from some of the best in the game and an ever building repertoire of standout releases under his belt, we're happy to have Samu.l returning to Room One this March (7th March) where he joins Magda and Craig Richards in Room One.

Samu.l dropped us a line the other week, offering us a taste of an exclusive new mix that demonstrates what records are at the top of his bag at the moment. It’s also a great insight into what we can expect from his set in just over a week's time, so of course we snapped him up on his offer and are happy to be able to present his selections here.

Download: Samu.l - fabric Promo Mix


Saturday 7th March

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