Skream - fabric Promo Mix

For Skream, the last few years have been a transformative period to say the least. Having led the charge during the early days of dubstep, where he played an astronomical part in the birth of the wider movement, his journey into a more four four focus has been widely documented, not least by us when we spoke to him almost 18 months ago when he was preparing for a Room Three disco set on our 14th Birthday. Revealing that he felt motivated by a need to grow beyond the stadium world that he found himself in, his change in tack was a push for fresh creativity and inspiration. It’s lead to him breaking the mould, shooting for the straight up, no genre connotation 'DJ' tag and it’s seen him sharing the booth with the likes of Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers and Robert Hood.

He's coming back to Farringdon on 6th June, splat bang in the middle of exactly that kind of line up, heading up Room Two with Hotflush's Dense & Pika and rising Glaswegian talent, Denis Sulta while Eats Everything is in Room One with Craig Richards and Maxxi Soundsystem. In amongst the middle of a string of dates in the US he's stepped up to the plate(s) to deliver us an exclusively recorded promo mix that fully demonstrates the records that are at the top of his crate right now and the solid groove he’s found for himself in when it comes to techno.

Download: Skream - fabric Promo Mix

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