Spooky - FABRICLIVE x Butterz Mix

Leading up to the launch of FABRICLIVE 75: Elijah & Skilliam, we asked Elijah if he wouldn’t mind committing some of his thought processes to paper and sharing how they went about planning the launch party’s lineup. It’s a landmark event for the guys in a few ways with it being the very first Butterz Room One takeover, the launch party for their FABRICLIVE CD and a lineup that doesn’t actually feature anyone who’s released a record on the Butterz label before, so we dutifully picked his brain as best we could as the man’s jacket potato cooled somewhere in the background.

First up is DJ Spooky (pictured), who's also kindly put together a 50 minute mix that will further outline a few of the reasons Elijah's putting him on on Friday 16th May...

Download: Spooky - FABRICLIVE x Butterz Mix

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“Spooky is a DJ's DJ," Elijah begins. "With over ten years of pirate radio shows, a record collection worth roughly the same as a deposit on a house plus years of releases and remixes under his belt, we thought he would be the perfect person to open up the night.

“Every single Monday night he holds down a four hour show from 8pm - Midnight (it often runs well into the early hours) on De Ja Vu focusing on solely on grime music with guests occasionally passing through. Then across the week he often pops up playing out of his very deep bag of old skool garage on several other pirate and internet stations across London - just because he loves playing music that much.

“Spooky’s best known production is undoubtedly 'Spartan' which came out on No Hats No Hoods in 2010, but he was also the first release on the fast rising Oil Gang label and he has also contributed heavily to Unknown to the Unknown and his own imprint Ghost House. On the decks he mixes quickly, often flicking in out of acapellas using a third deck and his mouth to hold the next CD so he can drop in quickly after 16 bars.

“Simply put, if every DJ had the work ethic and was a bit more like Spooky, the world would be a much better place!”


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