Steve Bicknell - fabric Promo Mix (June 2015)

It's hard to emphasise just how integral Steve Bicknell's party (run alongside partner Sheree Rashit) LOST is to the story of techno here in the UK. They were the first to bring over pioneering talent from across the Atlantic with artists like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Basic Channel and Robert Hood all making their debut UK performances at LOST. Evidently, but not unsurprisingly, the party inspired the generation that came after them with LOST cited time and time again as a foundational experience and influence.

Creating bespoke spaces, which were often hand built by Bicknell, with the team’s stripped back approach they delivered with the power of their soundsystem and housed ground breaking performances the like of which had never been seen before. The label Bicknell helms, Cosmic Records, is just as lovingly understated in its presentation and delivery. With a clear focus on quality of form rather than hype their output is as typically hypnotic and as engrossing as everything that was done under the LOST banner. It’s also the main vessel for Bicknell’s own productions.

Here he’s recorded a brand new promo mix ahead of his return to Room Two in just over a week’s time (20th June). It was intended to be a snapshot of where he’s at musically right now, but – after listening to it - we’d prefer to call it a demonstration of the man’s magnetic and compelling approach to DJing.

No tracklist given.

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