Stream Guy Gerber's fabric 64 Album Before He Brings Rumors To RM1

With Guy Gerber slated to helm Room One this coming Saturday night, bringing his deep-house-reaching label Rumors label to Farringdon, we had a think about what special thing we could do to promote this happy occurrence.

Five years ago we released Gerber's fabric 64 album, a 16 track blend of the artists own production. There's something about taking full control and command of he musical journey in this manner - exclusively composing tracks and mixing them together in such a way to represent as best he can his aesthetic - that has always stood out for us. So, it's our privilege over the remaining days before the party to share this work in full and shout about the high level of craftsmanship the Rumors boss showcased all those years ago.

At the time of release Gerber had this to say of his approach to the release...
"I always wanted to make an album that will be one long composition, kind of like what Steve Reich was doing, and this was an opportunity for me to make the effort and actually try to create it. The most important thing to me was to try and create something unique, and to show that sometimes with a change of only one note in the harmony, the whole mood changes. Hopefully I achieved it." - Guy Gerber

Stream: fabric 64 - Guy Gerber.

Guy Gerber plays Room One on Saturday, tickets are available here.

fabric 64 Guy Gerber is available to purchase from the fabric store here.

Saturday 8th July

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