Sub Zero - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

Something of an unstoppable force over the last decade, Sub Zero has become a very powerful weapon in the Playaz label’s arsenal. Repeatedly impressing and testing the limits of the Martin Audio soundsystem in Room One at the monthly Playaz residency his production has seemingly splintered with him proving himself to be just as adept at making pensive, lightweight, hoover bass driven thought provoking tracks as he is carving out his trademark arresting jump up dancefloor shells – something he proved culpably on his Bi Polar EP.

Being a regular to Room One and as a member of the Playaz family, we thought it about time that we asked him to put together a mixtape for us that would actually capture the kind of seismic shockwaves his sets send out month in month out. And this… well this is the 42 minute pearler he just delivered ahead of his set in Room One this Friday…

Download: Sub Zero - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

No tracklist given.


Friday 30th May

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