Survival & Silent Witness - FABRICLIVE x Dispatch Mix

Both Survival and Silent Witness have been embroiled in drum & bass for a long time now. Whether their association to the music comes from engineering, producing or the manufacture and presentation of records the duo have both been hands on for years and it’s that particular trait that their building on for their debut full length project together. Separately they’ve had releases on countless labels across the board of d&b and they’re both involved behind the scenes - Survival with his Audio Tactics label and Silent Witness as part of the team behind DNAudio and his own Triple Seed imprint – but their debut LP collaboration will see a release through the Leeds based Dispatch imprint later this year.

That’s probably a big factor behind the fact that the duo are playing the Dispatch Room Three at RAM a week on Friday but it also provides an opportunity for us to drop in on their soundworld and bring you, oh faithful readers, an insight into what they can expect from the album via this neatly presented promotional mix. Oh and Survival duly answered a few of our questions concerning the project too…

Download: Survival & Silent Witness – FABRICLIVE x Dispatch Mix (tracklist below)

So… you guys are working together on a full length for Dispatch right?
Yeah that's correct. Dan (Silent Witness) and I (Steve Survival) have been working together for a while now, having releases on Dan and Nick Squire's label DNAudio, my imprint Audio Tactics, Break’s Symmetry and recently on Dispatch. About 6 months ago we started a project together, Ant from Dispatch heard a few of the tunes that we originally were going to put out either on Audio Tactics or on Dan's label Triple Seed, and asked if we were up for doing an LP for him. Both of us have really liked the Dispatch sound of late, and rather than argue over which of our labels to put it out on, we decided to go with Dispatch.

Can you tell us a little bit about it? What does it sounds like?
It contains a good mix of both our styles, with different shades of d&b ranging from smooth to dark .We wanted to represent what we both liked about drum and bass, new and old, and also our influences outside of the scene, the most common one being techno, which I think really comes across in all forms on this LP.

Is it a straight collaboration between both of you or are some tunes weighted to one producer?
It's a collaboration, so all the music contains elements of both our production styles. We tried to incorporate both our sounds on this LP.

How does that work in the studio environment?
Often we will find a sound or break we both like, then Dan will play live from his laptop and midi guitar, and I record it while looking for and adding samples myself. Then, when we have enough bits we will both sit down at the computer and start building the track. By working like this we really get a good balance of both our styles as we are both working at the same time with lots of ideas bouncing around the studio.

When can we expect it?
September 2012

Tell us a little bit about the mix you've made for us...
It contains a few pieces each of us have out on various labels, and some snippets of the album for Dispatch. Also, we have put a couple of tunes in there that are exclusive to this mix. These have never been heard before and will probably never be released! You can check all the details in the track list provided.

Survival & Silent Witness – FABRICLIVE x Dispatch Mix

Silent Witness - Things Are Bad (Dispatch Rec)
Survival & Silent Witness - System Fault (Dispatch Lp Dub)
Cern & Menace - Schemer (Renegade Hardware)
Silent Witness - Potty Mouth (Dispatch Rec)
Unknown - Distaintia
Break & Survival - Stano (Audio Tactics Dub)
Survival & Silent Witness - Untitled (Dispatch Lp Dub)
Survival & DLR - Akari (Fabric Mix Exclusive)
Hybris - Crumbled (Dispatch Rec Dub )
Survival - Going Under (Audio Tactics Dub)
Survival & Silent Witness - Untitled (Dispatch LP Dub)
Ant TC1 - Mode Destruction (Xtra Rmx) (Dispatch Rec)
Edit - Viscera (Lifestyle Rec)
Survival - 2133 VIP (Dispatch Rec)
L33 - Inferior (Hustle Audio)
Zero T & Beta 2 - Chestplate (Footprints)
Survival & Silent Witness - Untitled (Fabric Mix Exclusive)
Silent Witness Ft Klute - Friendless (Commercial Suicide)
Loxy & Resound - Metro (Samurai Music)
Mikal - The Chant (Utopia Rec)
Quadrant & Iris - Sparse (Avantgarde)

Catch Survival and Silent Witness in Room Three on Friday 13th April.

Friday 13th April

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