Taxman - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix (Dec 2014)

As part of the Playaz family, Taxman regularly gets to drop his self-produced depth charges on our Room One soundsystem. And it’s not all that surprising that his music stacks so much impact when you consider how long he’s been tweaking and formulating his style for. His recent album, Synthetic Vision (which we introduced here back in February), managed to encapsulate his dancefloor approach whilst also presenting tracks that drew from unexpected musical sources showing the world how honed and toned his productions really are and ahead of the Playaz Xmas Special on the Sunday 28th December we wanted to share a piece of that ourselves, so we asked Taxman if he’d be up for sending us a special delivery. Lo, this is what popped up on Wetransfer the other day: the perfect prelude to our upcoming post-Christmas special…

Download: Taxman - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

No tracklist given.

Photo: Chelone Wolf

Sunday 28th December

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