Tobi Neumann - fabric Promo Mix (Jun 2015)

We've bigged up the multi-talented Tobi Neumann numerous times in the past - mainly for his learned skills in the studio, running Apollo studios in Berlin and engineering for most of the cast of the electro clash era including Chicks on Speed and Miss Kittin. He was pretty key figure forthat time but it's really his panache and his skills behind the decks that we are most endeared by, they've made him a star of many a night and birthday celebration of years gone by. Working in an array of percussive textures to the groove Neumann knows how to properly drive the energy of the room.

This latest fabric promo mix is actually the third such session that he has gifted our blog. He's been a pretty frequent player in these parts and he remains very much part of the family, which is why it's all the more criminal that we've allowed more than a year to pass since his last visit. The good news is that he's back in EC1 at the end of the month (27th June) where he'll be joining Craig Richards, Dewalta & Shannon and Lamache in Room One.


Saturday 27th June

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