Truss Shares A New Mix & Teases His Latest Studio Collaborations

There are elements in London born techno that make the city’s output sound truly unique when pitted against peers from around the globe. Many of the community’s leading protagonists have a knack of adding an extra edge to their production, drawing on the ragged, warped mania of people like Aphex Twin as much as they do the bass bin rinsing hard core rave music that’s come to define corners of our capital. With his music, Truss has proven himself to be one of those producers riffing off the edges of these sounds, letting these influences and more bleed into his decisively raw aesthetic. His MPIA3 project came hard and acidic yet his latest EP for Perc Trax, Lymin Lea was similarly scuffed and brittle around the edges yet it also proved emotive enough to release serotonin into the mind of any Braindance enthusiast.

He’s set to come to Room Two next weekend where he’ll be joining a fellow outspoken UK techno artist, in the form of Surgeon and Berlin's Marcel Fengler, so we asked him a few questions and asked him to prepare a mix that shows what he’s all about when it comes to working a soundsystem.

Download: Truss - fabric Promo Mix

First up, as a fan, I just wanted to know, why was there such a long wait since your last Truss release (back in 2012)? Have you got any more releases planned for the coming months?

Truss: I was busy working on side projects and collaborations such as MPIA3, Blacknecks (with Bleaching Agent), TR\\ER (with Tessela) as well as working with Perc and Donor. Also, it took me a while to write something that I felt was worth putting out there. I’d rather put the odd one or two things out that I’m really happy with, rather than stick a load of stuff out there for the sake of it. Since releasing that record I’ve been working on new material individually with Perc, Donor and Tessela. More news on that later this year and early next.

Yeah, if I remember rightly the last time you played for us was as MPIA3...? Yet we’ve not seen any releases under that name for some time. Have you got any more of that in the bag?

I killed off the MPIA3 project about two years ago. It had run it’s course from a production point of view and it felt like the right thing to do, so no, [there are] no more MPIA3 records planned. I might make some more acid though at some point, it’s always fun...

"I’d rather put the odd one or two things out that I’m really happy with, rather than stick a load of stuff out there for the sake of it."

You’re often billed with Surgeon, who’s also sharing the floor with you when you play from us... what is it about what Tony does that you admire? Is he an artist that you’ve always had an appreciation of?

Yeah, Tony is one of my biggest inspirations... he's one of the reasons I’m doing what I do now. His productions are second to none and he’s one of the best DJs out there - he's certainly my favourite DJ, has been for years. I’ve had the good fortune of sharing a bill with him quite a few times over the past couple of years. He’s also capable of growing a rather magnificent beard, of which I’m very envious.

I saw you were in the studio with Donor recently what was cooking there?

Yeah, Greg was over from NYC for a few days for a gig in Amsterdam. We managed to get a bit of time in the studio which is always good fun. It's not often we get to write music in the same room as each other so we make the most of it. We've got a couple of new bits coming together which I’m feeling positive about. We had an EP out earlier this year and I think we’re in a good place to get a new one out early next.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you’ve put together for us?

Much like the mix I put together for Resident Advisor a couple of years back, I wanted to give a snapshot of what I’m about musically, as a DJ. I looked at what I’ve been playing a lot recently and built the mix from there.

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