Ulterior Motive - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Mar 2015)

The Ulterior Motive duo may have become something of a welcome fixture at FABRICLIVE over the last few years but please, rest assured, that comment is not supposed to come across like we're sat here, resting on their laurels or relying on them time and time again to hold down a peak time dancefloor (the fact that they're repeatedly shown themselves to be adept at exactly that does bear repeating though). It's more their tunes/mixes/sets and general contributions to drum & bass as an entity that we find such a constant winner. Take this 30 minute promo mix, made ahead of the lads' upcoming appearance in Room Two at the annual Playaz Easter Special on Friday 27th March: yes, it's a telltale mixture of stark, rolling rhythms with lashings of testing low end but it's also got oodles of interesting snares, contorted and confusing drum fills, agitated vocal samples, swelling background tones and what one assumes is a VIP mix of DRS' omnipresent 'Count To Ten.' It's overpoweringly obvious that it's been put together by hands that respect and love the music and the platform.

So, it goes without saying, if your a fan of drum & bass, you should download and enjoy this. Just make sure you don't miss them here at the end of the month.

Download: Ulterior Motive - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Mar 2015)

No tracklist given.

Title photo: Rod Lewis

Friday 27th March

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