Utah Jazz - History Of Utah Jazz Mix

Ahead of his appearance in Room Two at FABRICLIVE this Friday (29th May), we'd already caught up with drum & bass producer Utah Jazz and discussed a few ideas that we could run with in promotion of the event. We didn't want to pitch it as another 'Catching Up' style interview, because it felt like we'd done those before and, as a result, another might feel a little formulaic, so he came up with the idea of marking the fact that he's played for us every year since we opened. Yep, he's made appearances in front of crowds here in Farringdon for 16 years now and that's an exceptional achievement, so he's picked out and mixed together 16 gems from his back catalogue to represent some of the periods and experiences he's had here, in our corner of EC1.

In his own words...
"I was checking back and figured that I've done every year for you now since 1999 - when me and Alex Reece played the month after you opened! So... this is a 16 track mix made to promote and celebrate 16 years of me playing for you guys. It contains various solo tunes, collaborations and remixes from my catalogue going all the way back to 2003. It was lots of fun going through all the old tunes, many of which I'd totally forgotten about!"

Download: Utah Jazz - History Of Utah Jazz Mix


Wednesday 30th November

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