Wen - FABRICLIVE x Butterz Mix

2014’s been something of a break out year for Wen. After releasing his debut album, Signals, back in March on Keysound, Owen Darby’s seen his profile rise dramatically; and in releasing a collaboration with Parris on Tempa and inaugurating the Wisdom Teeth label with his track ‘Late Night,’ the lad’s proved that his brand of muscular, grime indebted club music has got a set of curvaceous, well defined legs. Ahead of appearing in Room Two for Butterz on 21st November (alongside sets on the 26th December and the 16th January) he’s kindly put together a mixtape that outlines his dancefloor focused selections way better than we ever could, even if we wrote a hundred of these curt introductions.

But what’s really quite noticeable about his mix is how the music manages to do a lot with such a set of limited elements. It’s a cliché, sure; and it’s one that’s probably wheeled out when talking about Wen more than a lot of dudes, but it’s a factor that keeps coming back for a reason. Wen’s is a blend of minimalist, bass heavy claustrophobia and it’s a thing that’s incredibly well represented with this mix.

Download: Wen - FABRICLIVE x Butterz Mix


Hodge - Return to the East
Trap Door - Emerald Dove VIP
Wen & Parris - Caught
Hodge - Flashback
Dat Oven - Icy Lake (Mickey Pearce Bootleg)
Wen - Flashbulb
Taal Mala + El-B - Cant Stop
Drippin' - Air Jordans
Utah - Restraint
DVA - Mad Hater Dub
Neana - Jaw Breaker
Walton vs Wen - Brazen
Mumdance & Logos - Bagleys (Reese Tool)
Strict Face - Python Crossing
Brackles & Fox - Skank (Famous Eno Remix Ft. Trigganom)
Jeremiah - The End (HaCohen Bootleg)
Walton vs Wen - Rapture
Luke Benjamin - Don't Get Better Than You and Me (Sully Remix)
Lex - Skyline
Wen - Backdraft
Walton - Bulldoze
Utah - Oxygen
Wiley ft. Andreena Mill - Born in the Cold (Maribor Mix)
Throwing Shade - Pure Life


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