Audio Werner - fabric x Toi Toi Promo Mix

With the next Toi Toi takeover for Room Three just a few sleeps away, today we're feeling privileged to be able to present a new and exclusive mix from a key member of the crew, Audio Werner.

This is a bit of a coup for us; the promo mix we're presenting today from Werner is a very rare thing indeed. To date the Hartchef Discos founder has only has only released two other podcasts on the spindled servers of the interweb over the last five years so, for us at least, this 60 minute selection carries an extra bit of weight of significance. Perhaps best known for his live sets over recent years (a craft that he is pretty advanced at as evident in his equipment guide from 2013), Audio Werner has actually been very much a prolific record collector and DJ since the ‘90s wielding a historical knowledge of four four cuts that he calls upon each time he takes to the decks.

Right from the opening track this mix provides a listening experience that is at once engaging and yet frenetically playful. It's a pretty exciting pre-cursor to show exactly the kind of dancefloor experience Werner will be bringing alongside his Toi Toi cohorts Voigtmann, Lamache and Andrew J Gustav this coming weekend...

Download: Audio Werner - fabric x Toi Toi Promo Mix

No tracklist given.

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