Youngsta - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Following the publication of our illuminating interview with the Rinse FM DJ, Tempa A&R and dubstep figure head, Youngsta, today we're delivering something just as special. Yep, in anticipation of his upcoming five hour set this Friday night, when he'll be taking over Room Three with SP:MC all night, he's just delivered an exclusive 92 minute(!) mix.

Talking to Will Pritchard yesterday, Youngsta noted:

"When I first started DJing I was a proper jungle and garage head, but as time went on I became known for the style of dubstep that I was playing and I suppose I just got labelled as that guy that does ‘that,’ when really I've always had a passion for this type of music, that type of music etc. So as time’s gone on I’m thinking ‘why am repressing playing all this other amazing music, when I like it enough that I want to play it out?’ When I’m playing a set, I've got an hour to play some amazing music on a soundsystem and enjoy it, so it was a case of ‘great, I need to start making some time in these sets to do more with that.’ It’s not easy re-branding yourself, and that’s why I refuse to say like label it as, you know, ‘he’s playing a house set tonight or he’s playing a drum & bass set.’ I just want it to be Youngsta and you kind of get whatever I happen to play that night. In that way, it’s nice to be playing longer sets – ninety minutes, three hours, or even, like this one, five hours. I've really embraced those opportunities."

Download: Youngsta - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


Nomine - Voodoo [Amar]
Markee Ledge - Underground Railroad
Paleman - Like Oh
Alex Coulton - Wire Tap [Tempa]
Addison Groove - Allaby
Boddika - Sunbury Sinf
Markee Ledge - Lonely
LX One - Signal Fire [Wheel & Deal]
Youngsta & Truth - Dabs
Indiji - Ancient Culture [Uprise Audio]
Juss B - Vain [Uprise Audio]
Skeptical - Chain Reaction [Tempa]
LX One & SP:MC - Kingsland Dub [Wheel & Deal]
Amit - Fatty Batty
Nomine - Blind Man [Tempa]
Caspa - Submission (Youngsta Remix)
Headhunter - Clone VIP
Youngsta & The Others - Nerve Gas
Truth - Devils Hands (Youngsta Remix) [Tempa]
Amit - Daaku [Amar]
Youngsta - Destruction [Tempa]
Axh – Numbskull [Tempa]
J Kenzo - Talisman
Ahmad - Reincarnation [Architecture]
Ahmad - Intaference feat - Mental
Forces & Kobra - Architecture
Loxy & Resound - The Howl [Cylon]
Native - Stolen [Cylon]
Ahmad - Paranoid London ft. Loxy [Architecture]
Cult Key - Entice [Cylon]
Clarity - Talk Back [Samurai Music]
Kasra & Enei - Inside The Box [Critical]

Friday 1st May

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