Zero T - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

With his FABRICLIVE 52 mix, Zero T made a statement about blending styles and genres focusing himself instead on enjoying his craft and making things that felt right. After a relatively quiet 2011 with T releasing a couple of bits on Noisia’s Invisible label and our own DJ Hype’s inimitable Tru Playaz, he’s returning to the fray with a crop of new material which he revealed to us includes a 12” on Dispatch plus the fruits of a new ongoing project with Khanage and the relaunching of his original collaboration with Beta 2. Those latter two projects will soon see a release on his own Footprints label, but outside of that it would seem that in his down time T’s been incredibly busy working on production for vocalist Riya and starting a slower 135-140bpm project, also with Beta 2.

Having been absent for a little bit it’s been nice to have him round again (in person and on twitter) and dive into the glut of new music he’s been making – you can find a couple of his Beta 2 collaborations previewed below; so we asked him to summise what he’s been up to and he delivered this, a tuneful and rolling mix for your Thursday after lunch lull.

Download: Zero T – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


1. Sabre V Mckmight (Dubplate)
2. Calibre + Zero T - Still (Signature Recordings)
3. Alix Perez - Stray [Icicle'S Unreleased Mix] (Dubplate)
4. Little Dragon - Little Man [Marcus Intalex Remix] (Dubplate)
5. Commix - Soulful Leo (Dubplate)
6. June Miller + Heavy1 - Judge (Dubplate)
7. Fracture - Tunnel Track (Dubplate)
8. Iconapop - Nights Like These [Icicle Remix] (Dubplate)
9. Klute - We Are The Ones [Ulterior Motive Remix] (Commercial Suicide)
10. Drum Kru [Bad Company/Ed Rush & Optical/Ryme Tyme/Trace & Fierce] - The Watcher (Dubplate)
11. Spinline - Darpa (Dubplate)
12. Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold (Dubplate)
13. Icicle - Full Moon (Dubplate)
14. Hybris - The Blinds (Dispatch Ltd)
15. Rockwell - Tripwire (Shogun)
16. The Upbeats - Panic (Subtitles)
17. Ed Rush + Optical - Void (Dubplate)
18. Alix Perez + Rockwell - Ballbag (Dubplate)
19. Mutated Forms - Look What U Have Done (Dubplate)
20. Dub Phizix + Skeptical Ft Strategy - Marka (Exit)
21. Alicia Keys - Feelin Me Feelin You [Zero T + Khanage Edit](Dubplate)
22. Future Cut Ft Jenna G - Obsession [Ulterior Motive Remix] (Metalheadz)
23. Zero T + Khanage - Siege Mentality (Footprints Dubplate)
24. Zero T + Beta 2 - Before The Fall (Footprints Dubplate)
25. Sabre, Stray + Halogenix - Oblique (Critical)
26. Planas Ft Ed Thomas - Breathtaking [Dbridge Remix] (Exceptional)
27. Planas Ft Ed Thomas - Breathtaking (Exceptional)

Catch Zero T in Room Two a week on Friday on the 23rd March.

Friday 23rd March

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