Zero T - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Feb 2015)

When introducing Zero T’s FABRICLIVE 52 mix a few years back, we noted how the Irishman was standing as a bit of a figurehead for a breed of producers who were proving themselves more open to making music that had no concern for boundaries or genre constriction. Naturally, we’ve since been proved right, with T’s music that followed drawing from a varied pool of influences and approaches capably aping the incorporation of even more disparate scenes into the cauldron of drum & bass in the time that succeeded his CD’s release.

As has become something of an unofficial custom around these parts, this article serves to remark at the impending return of Zero T; noting that after a short break away from the pressures and pleasures of the scene, the producer’s soon to be stepping back behind the turntables, once again delivering a healthy slice of d&b for FABRICLIVE audiences on both the 27th February and March (where he'll be going back to back with Fierce). And y’know what? He still sounds just as pearly as ever in this mix that he’s kindly made to pre-empt his upcoming appearances here, flipping through breakbeats and layering moods like his cultural capital completely depended on it.

Welcome back...

Download: Zero T - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (Feb 2015)

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Friday 27th February

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