Mefjus (FABRICLIVE 95)

As you may or may not be aware, every time we release an artist's CD on either of our ongoing mix series (fabric/FABRICLIVE) there happens a lot of behind the scenes conversations that are all part of the preparation. One of these is a tailor constructed artist biography that's written to give the press extra background information on the artist in question: where they were born, where they grew up, how they got into music, etc etc. In truth, these biographies often become quite enlightening documents in their own right and from now on, in the week before we release the mixes to the public, we'll be publishing the biographies here to give you, our faithful readership, the exact same additional insight.

Mefjus (FABRICLIVE 95)

I was born in Linz Austria. Our family moved on the countryside when I was two years old and that's where I lived until I was 18 years old.

When I was in primary school the local music society had an open house and gave us the chance to try different instruments. That's where I picked up the trumpet which I played for a few years. My older brother always was a major influence on me. He introduced me to hip hop when I was 14 and later to drum and bass.

I listened (and still do) to a lot of hip hop. Mostly 90's US hip hop, but also a few German hip hop bands.

I was always playing around with making music since I was 16, but I never had the intention of releasing music or make music full time as it seemed quite farfetched. After going through quite a rough time personally when I was around 21 I decided to quit university, get a job and earn some money to be able to buy some gear and try and focus on music production. After a few years of working as a programmer and making beats on the side, in 2013 I was able to quit my job and do music full time.

"I wanted the mix to showcase as much of my own music as possible. There's some older stuff in there, some brand new material and also some unreleased VIPs." - Mefjus

My career really started in 2012 after Phace & Misanthrop signed a single (Distantia / Far Too Close) on their label. After that labels got interested in what I do, and I started my relationship with Critical Music.

I remember hearing older local DJs and promoters talking about this club in London - fabric. It's the go-to club when you are into drum and bass. It almost felt like mythological thing when they talked about it.

I first played at fabric in 2012 when Kasra invited me to when they celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the label. It was in Room Two where I first met Emperor, who I also played a B2B with for the first time.

I've played many times since but it is always special. It just has an extraordinary flair and you can try out the weirdest music you wouldn't try anywhere else. Also all the people who work in there on the nights are amazingly friendly and welcoming. My personal highlight was my album launch at fabric in 2014.

I wanted the mix to showcase as much of my own music as possible. There's some older stuff in there, some brand new material and also some unreleased VIP's. It is also important to me that the mix showcases all the sub genres within drum and bass I like and that it progresses substantially.

I've been working on a major project for almost 2 years now which will be announced early next year which will also include an updated DJ/live performance for 2018.

FABRICLIVE 95: Mefjus is out now.
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Mefjus launches FABRICLIVE 95 on Friday 24th November with Ivy Lab, Emperor, Kasra B2B Enei and more.
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Wednesday 30th November

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