Preditah (FABRICLIVE 92)

As you may or may not be aware, every time we release an artist's CD on either of our ongoing mix series (fabric/FABRICLIVE) there happens a lot of behind the scenes conversations that are all part of the preparation. One of these is a tailor constructed artist biography that's written to give the press extra background information on the artist in question: where they were born, where they grew up, how they got into music, etc etc. In truth, these biographies often become quite enlightening documents in their own right and from now on, in the week before we release the mixes to the public, we'll be publishing the biographies here to give you, our faithful readership, the exact same additional insight.

Preditah (FABRICLIVE 92)

I was born in Birmingham, England. My childhood was quite normal. I was into football, drawing and playing out with my local friends.

In my family I am the eldest sibling. My mom used to play music in the house all the time growing up whilst she was sewing and making clothes. That varied from R&B to Reggae but it was mainly Gospel music that she played, especially on a Sunday. My early musical interests came from those genres. I remember staying at a relatives house and my older cousin was blasting Garage music. Tracks from So Solid, DJ Zinc and the like - that’s when I found the sound my ears had been yearning for! I remember my mom buying me a radio shortly after that. I used to tune into the local pirate radio stations and tune in late at night just to hear more of this Garage sound that I was exposed to at my relatives house. I fell in love with it because although I liked Gospel and R&B music, this Garage stuff I was hearing appealed to my youth. It made me feel like a Bad Boy and it made me feel cool, haha!

Like I previously said, I listened to Garage music mainly and I heard it transform from Garage into Eski-Beat and then into Grime. The first record/vinyl I bought was Golly Gosh by Sticky. The first album I bought was Wiley’s Treddin’ on Thin Ice.

"I literally make music for the club because that’s where music matters the most." - Preditah

Once I started producing music, I made tracks for all the local MC’s in my area and eventually, I ended up producing tracks for people all across Birmingham. Those tracks made me a house hold name from ages ago within Birmingham.
I went to school, college and even University because that’s the standard route to do in society and I was studying to become an Interior Architect at once stage but I always knew deep down that Music was my love. In saying that, I didn’t know it would become my full time career and that I would eventually live off solely music money. It’s crazy but that alone gives me faith to keep going!

The list is long! I have produced, composed & remixed allot of music for various artists and labels over the past few years.

My first gig at fabric was back in 2012 for a night called ‘Roska Presents’ by Roska. I played in Room Two and I’ll never forget that night! I’ve also been to fabric as a raver a few times and those nights were special because at the time, I didn’t know I’d end up DJing there in the near future, let alone doing a FBRICLIVE CD and holding a night for it too! fabric is without a doubt one of the best clubs in the UU simply because the people that attend don’t go there to ‘snapchat’ and document. They go there to RAVE!

I recorded this mix in my Home. One take, haha! I chose each track carefully and I have a relationship with everyone I have featured in this mix. A personal favourite is ‘Up On You’ by Black Loops. I heard that track back in 2014 and it blew my mind. It reminded me of old school 4x4/Garage that I grew up listening to as a kid so I’m happy that they’ve given me the thumbs up to use it for this CD. It’s my way of spreading their unique House sound that I love.

The future is bright, the future is Circles Recordings! The future for me is about continuing to push music from my label Circles Recordings I want to keep traveling the world playing Grime and Garage music to the masses but most importantly, I want to keep putting out Quality music for my fans and others to enjoy in the Clubs. I literally make music for the club because that’s where music matters the most.

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