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'I See You Baby', 'Superstylin', ‘Get Down’ and their trove of killer club jams to boot, Groove Armada are by far one of the most established, best-loved and biggest selling dance acts on the planet. 8 albums deep, 49 singles out and a staggering number of reworks, edits and everything that could ever come under the ‘miscellaneous’ category on Discogs, these boys are the business. They've even been nominated for a Grammy and a Brit award. But despite easily being placed in the high and mighty category of the music industry's elite, the London-born duo have spent the best part of the past few years operating a more underground, house music flex, going back to their roots and releasing on a fleet of independent labels like Hypercolour, Brodanse and Moda Black. In fact, it's actually the Jaymo & Andy George fronted dance music camp that will be housing the superstar duo's latest drop, Little Black Book, the latest instalment in Moda Black's forward-thinking compilation series next month.

Lucky for us, that as they prepare to celebrate the launch of Little Black Book in Room One with Moda Black on selection duty in Room Three the Armada boys have kindly spared a moment of their time to quickly answer a few questions concerning the new album, their best house music year so far and what to expect when they return to Room One on Friday 13th February.

How was 2014 for you? Any memorable moments you’d like to share with us?

It was probably our best house music year so far. [We had] tunes on Hot Creations, Hypercolour, Get Physical, Moda, OM, Brodanse and fine nights in our 4 decks & FX booth. Welcome To The Future in Holland was a festival highlight. Pacha Fridays in Ibiza were rocking, they’ve put the booth in the middle of the dancefloor and it changes the game. Sweat, spilled drinks and house...

You’re upcoming date here at fabric will be the launch party of Little Black Book, can you tell us a little bit about the album, the concept behind it and what to expect?

The concept, like all concepts, changed. The plan was to do a mix CD that would bring together the best of the 36 or so house tunes we’ve released since we stopped the live band in 2010. When the time came however, we were on a roll in the studio and the result is that 3 quarters of the mix will be new tunes, sprinkled with re-edits of some of our big ones from the last couple of years and finished off with some acapellas and drops from the back catalogue. CD2 is a remix CD where the likes of Huxley, Emperor Machine and Kolsch, amongst others, have had free run of old GA tracks of their choice.

Did you collaborate or work with anyone special?

We’ve worked on a couple of vocals but it’s an underground and new comers vibe rather than going after the razzle dazzle…

Other than your own material, which tracks really stand out for you and why?

Well, there’s only our own materiel on there. As is often the way, there’s a couple of super stripped back dubs on there which are really doing it for us. Less is always more.

How did you get involved with Moda Black?

I could say it was in the back room of a mental after hours in Berlin when we ran into the boys hanging monkey-like off the branches of a golden lazer tree. In fact, they rang up and said “do you want to do a remix of this tune…?” We listened to the tune, rang back and said “OK.”

I also read in a previous interview that you feel as if you’ve come full circle in terms of your music. Why did you think this album was the next best step for you?

Because it’s where we’re at now – [it’s] what we’re feeling. That's all we’ve ever followed. People have said you should go and get a deal with a major for all this new material, put together a bigger ‘plot’, get the live band back and all the rest of it. But we don't want to. We want to play and make house music, and that’s it.

What can we expect from you in 2015? Any exciting new projects?

Well first things first let’s get this album out there. It’s also going to be a big moment to return to fabric. We’ve got a couple of key remixes lined up for the Ibiza opening period. Then we’ll be off into the 19th GA summer of discotheques and adventure.


Friday 13th February

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