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Kerri Chandler Discusses The Ongoing Power Of Music

It's very rare that we ask an artist to take the reins of our main room, all night long, but on this occasion we thought that it was certainly fitting. Having gone through a lot of heartache and problems in life, Kerri Chandler has pushed past this all to be known as a supreme producer and selector and he's remained at the forefront of house music for over two decades now, with absolutely no signs of slowing down. Having started Madhouse Records in 1992, Chandler has collaborated with a stellar list of artists through the years, with his offshoot Madtech releasing slighter more tech-orientated sounds since 2012. He also started a new venture this year called Kaoz Theory - something that reignites the work he did under the Kaoz moniker. We for one are very excited to listen to the new material and to have him down to play for us in the main room on the 6th November.

What is your earliest memory of music?

Kerri Chandler: Probably listening to my dad play records in the house - he used to throw parties outside the house and everyone would come and just hangout.

Was there a defining moment when you decided that music was to be your life or was it a slow process due to your heritage?

I think I always knew this was what I wanted to do and I was around so much music from an early age it was almost inevitable.

Did you start with production or DJing?

I started DJing out at 13 with my father at clubs. I opened for him at the Rally Racquet Club in East Orange, NJ but I have always loved music even earlier than that. I always knew it was something I felt in my heart.

Would you consider yourself a producer or a DJ first and foremost?

I love both just as much and I never felt I wanted to do one more than the other with both you have the ability to create, It’s just one you get to do live.

Are you still affiliated with Pioneer? What are your thoughts on the way technology has changed the art of being a DJ?

Yes we're back and forth all the time and I use their mixer and CDJs on my rider wherever I play. I’ve always mixed on vinyl or CDs so not that much has changed for me, but I’m always looking out for new equipment and think it's good people can choose what they feel works for them more these days. I also started a lot of work with Native instruments and the Stems Project along with Maschine and other studio controllers, they are very open minded as a company and have a passion for what they do, I love that in a company. And they are like family I just cooked dinner for the staff and friends at ADE, it was super personal.

"London’s always like coming home for me but I know the people who make it out to fabric on a night like this are all really into their music so that excites me."

Apart from advances in technology, what do you see as the major differences in the scene between now and when you started?

Wow, that’s hard. So much has changed since I started – there have been so many scenes that have come and gone or changed since then but house music is still a powerful thing to a lot of people. It still comes down to the music you play.

What lead to starting Kaoz Theory Records and what's the ethos behind it? What's the difference between that and madhouse and Madtech?

It’s kinda a way for me to go back to my Kaoz roots. Kaoz Theory the label covers a darker and very raw style for me to express myself in a different way and to release music from friends I’ve made playing over the summers with a similar tone, for anyone who is familiar with my Kaoz 623 mix style of dubs I put on most singles I do but for 2015.

What exciting things are in the pipeline for you?

I’m working on a bunch of music at the moment and some remixes for friends of mine. I’ve just remixed Disclosure, Paolo Nutini, Citizenn, Popof, Troy Denari and so I'm taking some time outside of shows to try and get everything done.

Are you looking forward to playing at fabric for this special all-nighter?

Very much so, I can’t wait. London’s always like coming home for me but I know the people who make it out to fabric on a night like this are all really into their music so that excites me. I don't have to stop at like an hour and a half in, I don’t always get play the longer sets these days. These are always my favourite nights where I have time to build and get the feel of the room.


Friday 6th November

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