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Paco Osuna Discusses His Mindshake Imprint

Paco Osuna is in a rare position of strength in his industry after building up a loyal base of fans through his relentless delivery of dancefloor energy throughout his 20 year strong career. He also puts his standing and influence to good use through his Mindshake label, an outlet he established in 2005. The imprint has not only housed Osuna's own production but it’s also provided a platform for emerging talent to grow and get a much needed leg up in a hard-to-break business.

Off the back of celebrating Mindshake's landmark 10 year anniversary this year – which they did in explosive style with large scale events - the label family is coming to Room Two this coming Saturday night. So, we took the opportunity to catch up with label boss Osuna to find out about what this role has gifted him over the last decade and what more we can expect from the next 10 years.

We’re pretty happy about the fact that you’re coming back to Farringdon and also representing Mindshake here, could we start by chatting about Fer BR who you’re bringing a long – like what was it that you first saw in his production that made you want to sign him?

Paco Osuna: I love the groove that he creates in his tracks, for me it's a fundamental element; I need the tracks to have very marked bass lines because that's the base of the rhythm. Also the day I met him, during a performance I had in his home town of Galacia, I discovered what a good person he was as well and for me it's vital to work with people who carry a positive energy.

In general what would you say you look for in the artists that you want to become part of the Mindshake family?

Like I just said, I look for artists who have good energy and no egos. I've found that recently some artists have forgotten that this is paramount in this business. But also the main thing for me is the music and for there to be a good atmosphere when working together as part of the group - just by being together we get to have fun for the audience to enjoy.

When you play out how much would you say the label’s music makes up your sets? Do you feel it’s important to test tracks out on the road as part of determining whether they will make a good release?

I always try to play a lot the label's sounds because it represents what I like. I couldn’t edit a track that I cannot play because it would go against my philosophy. As you say it's important to test them before release them, so you can see the reaction of the public.

Congrats on hitting the 10 year mark this year – what’ve you done to celebrate this milestone?

For next year I have numerous Mindshake showcases worldwide, my priority will be placed in getting the label as high as possible and make actions that give the people to talk about.

We have had very good experience in recent years with the showcases in cities around the world, which gave me the impulse to do more and enjoy great parties with the label guys and the experiences offered by each of them.

What experience or knowledge do you think you have gained over the decade time that’s helped you strengthen the label?

Experience is always good, it gives you what you need to rectify past mistakes and focus on the things that have worked in the past. We all have our dreams and I am a particularly big dreamer, so I think with the experience I have gained with time and all that I have lived I can say I’m mature enough to try to do things the best possible way.

"I always play tracks of my artists; it is the best way to identify your sound and your brand."

At a push what would you say your favourite releases from the label were?

I have many favorites, but do not consider fair just emphasize one and not another because it would be disrespectful for the artists of the label. Honestly, I like all each in its time and for different circumstances. As I said before, I always play tracks of my artists; it is the best way to identify your sound and your brand. In my career I have met many artists who produce one thing and play another, I think it's very important to have an own musical identification.

What’s coming up next year have you got a packed release schedule already?

Yes, just starting the year we are launching an EP of Nick Curly with a remix of Egbert, followed by the debut of Cuartero, which will have a remix from me. 2016 will be a great musical year for the label.

And finally, what has your 2015 been like for yourself, as Paco Osuna? What have been your stand out moments of the year?

It's been a very intense year that's seen a lot of changes starting with my new residency at Music On and the amazing showcases that we've done with Mindshake in South America and the rest of the world but without a doubt out of all the amazing moments I've had this year I've got to highlight my night at Fabrik in Madrid. It was magical to have had a room of this size and to see it filled to exploding, with people coming from different places just to attend that party it was unforgettable.

We've partnered with Jukely for this Saturday's event with Mindshake in Room Two with Paco Osuna, Fer BR and our own Terry Francis to offer free entry in way of an early Christmas present. All you need to do is RSVP to and be among the first 750 people to attend.

Tickets and fabricfirst will be available on the door as usual.

Saturday 19th December

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