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Joris Voorn's 'Submerged Kind Of Feeling'

Over the last few months, Joris Voorn has been busy showing new sides of his musicality at every turn. His latest long player, Nobody Knows, dropped at the end of 2014, rooting itself in Voorn’s softly toned synth work with the record’s song like tendencies contrasting the bass kicks that he deploys to drive the dancefloor into the early hours whenever he visits us here in EC1. If we’re honest, we fully admire that side of him and if you do too, it was something he also indulged in the BBC Essential Mix that dropped at the end of January. With a return to Room One planned for the weekend ahead, we took the opportunity to speak to Voorn and look back at Nobody Knows’ realisation, the album’s reception and about why the medium of film is inspiring him the most in 2015.

Has your year started well? What’ve you been up to, like?

The year has started very well. My artist album is out of the way; released end of last year with great reviews, so that took a load off.

We’re speaking now a few months after the album itself came out, thinking back now to how you were able to present it and the response from fans and critics what are your feelings about the release?

I worked for years on the album so it’s been quite a ride getting the music right, mostly because I didn’t know where I was going, at all. It was an ordeal really and I had to push myself not to give up. I’m quite pleased with the end result, and the fans have been loving it too! Critics have been good and it was noted as the best electronic album here and there so I’m actually super happy about it all.

Having read previous interviews you've done, I know there wasn’t a certain concept you were working towards when creating it. Is that a way you’d like to try working or do you prefer it to flow more naturally in the studio?

I don’t think I’ll ever do an album like this again. I just had a huge pile of demo tracks which were all over the place musically. I tried combining things and reworking tracks to make them fit, but it just didn’t work for a long time. For my next album I’ll stick to a single direction and try not to diverge. There's a time issue as well; I worked way harder on Nobody Knows than was in any way acceptable.

Moving on from the album what’s been inspiring you right now?

I’m taking the back seat for a moment musically. I’m listening to promos and checking new music but not spending too much time in the studio. It helps. The few remixes I had to finish lately were done in no time so I think it’s working. I'm focusing in some other things for a while, gathering inspiration for new music.

What were the remixes?

I’ve just finished two remixes, one for Royksopp and another for Marc Houle.

"It’s a way to show the world a different side of yourself as an artist."

You had some pretty sweet collaborationss there with Matthew Dear, Kid A and, er, your father as well – but who would be your dream collaborator?

I’m actually not sure.. I’d love to work with some directors though for some visuals with my music! I really love film and the combination with music can be great. So far it’s not been easy getting good videos made so that’s still a challenge.

Your latest BBC Essential Mix went out at the weekend and the reception has been huge – can you tell us a bit about what thoughts went into planning that?

I always love making mixes, especially an Essential Mix. It’s a way to show the world a different side of yourself as an artist. I went through my music library and collected tracks that were fitting the mood I was in. Most tracks turned out to be quite dark and minimal but at times also melodic and atmospheric. Not necessarily peak-time dancefloor stuff, a more submerged kind of feeling.

I put the mix together in a few days, listening back all the time to see if the mood and transitions were right.

What artists that you included in that mix are you particularly excited about right now? Which ones are really proving effective on the dancefloor?

Anton Pieete is a good friend of mine and going through some very interesting musical developments these days. He’s finding himself a new sound and the results so far are amazing. He’s releasing on my Rejected label. Another guy we just released an EP of, also featured on the Essential Mix, was Joran van Pol. He’s a post minimal techno kinda guy, very straight and dark rhythms with just the right amount of change to keep it interesting. I love this approach, especially because he really has his own sound.

What else are you focussing on right now, any big plans or dreams for 2015?

I just picked up a new hobby which is filming. I got a new camera and now I'm getting deep into buying lenses. It’s a whole new world I can easily lose myself in. For now it’s good, but I’ll have to get back to the studio at some point as well. Maybe it’s something I’ll keep working on on the side and develop myself, just like I did with music. In the end that also turned a hobby into work.


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