Catching Up With... Martinez and His fabric Promo Mix

Danish DJ/producer, Martinez grew up listening to the eclectic sounds of The Cure and Depeche Mode but with a passion deeply rooted in electronic music, its artists like Future Sound of London, Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos that lead him to where he is today; playing all continents of the world with a string of releases on Viva Music, Cadenza, Love Letters From Oslo and more. Martinez has found his home at Moon Harbour where he’s released not one but three artist albums and shares close ties with its chief, Matthias Tanzmann. Together they’ll be ramping up Room One next Saturday in a house and techno fiasco but before the night sets in motion, we spoke to Martinez about his plans for a new artist album at the end of the year, his remixes for Cinematic Label and Inmotion Music next month, as well as a very special promo mix that he calls a one hour version from one of his long club sets...

DOWNLOAD: Martinez fabric Promo Mix

Good to meet you Martinez. Tell us about the first time you played at fabric and how you are looking forward to taking over Room One alongside Matthias Tanzmann and Craig Richards next month?
Hey! Good to be here and nice to meet you too. Well, the first time I played at fabric was in 2006 I think. It was in December, the weekend just before Christmas. John Digweed invited me to play before him in Room One, which was a great honour for me at that time. I had obviously heard lots about the club and visited it a few times, but I must say playing there changed my view of the place a lot. It was such a great experience. The sound system brings out frequencies you did not know were there.

It’s a very unique sound and room. I also really like the fact that you're not on stage, but rather almost sort of hidden away in a cage like DJ booth, you (and the crowd) can focus much more on the music this way. So as you can imagine I am really looking forward to be back, and especially on the same night as Craig, who's taste in music and DJ set's (in my opinion) has set the soundtrack for Room One over many years. It’s of course even more inspiring that I am playing alongside Matthias Tanzmann this night too, as we worked closely together for many years now and I've released several singles and also an album on his label, Moon Harbour.

For anyone who hasn’t been able to catch you behind the decks yet, how would you describe your style, sound and energy in the booth?
My sound is mainly rooted in house music, as I was growing up listing a lot to the Chicago house in the 90's. I would describe my sound with strong influences of this, but also very techno oriented. I play pretty much anything that I feel fits to the moment and the music I really like, but one suitable word to describe my sets and DJ style would probably be, hypnotic. I like to move and dance a lot while DJing, but I don't really do it for an entertaining factor - more because I simply can't help myself when I feel the music. The energy level, I guess I could say I like to keep mixing all the time and really make long mixes where everything blends together. Sometimes I use small subtle effects and loops to manipulate the sound and make the records interact with the moment and the crowd more.

Who do you look to for inspiration both in your musical career and personal life?
There are so many people that inspire me musically, let's start with just pop music, I grew up listening to a lot of The Cure and Depeche Mode and this music still inspires me in some ways. For the electronic music the list is long, but to highlight a few I'd have to say, Future Sound of London, Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Daniel Miller, Ricardo Villalobos and many more. In my personal life, my parents and the good people I meet that live their life the way they want it, with kindness and happiness around them.

What are you most looking forward to about this year in terms of pushing yourself as an artist?
I am looking forward to work on my new artist album. It’s far from reality yet, but I have many ideas and inspiring sketches. I want to try to work more on collaboration and with musical instruments, to mix with my very electronic digital sound and see what will come out of that. Also as always looking forward to touring, as you always meet amazing people around the globe and performing this music live to an audience is really the best way to keep being inspired and remember the reason why you got into it.

You very kindly gave us your recent release on Love Letters from Oslo, titled 'Pandemonium' to stream. Can you tell us about the release?
Absolutely, it was a track I made one day when I just had this groove that I could not figure out what to do with. The beats and groove where great, but it lacked something a bit different. So I took out my old 5 string Bass Guitar and started playing around with it and suddenly this very deep and hypnotic baseline come to life. I finished it in one day and never touched it again. When Federico Molinari heard it, he seemed instantly sure that he wanted to release it. We did it on a split EP with my very good (and talented) friend Franco Cinelli from Argentina. He had a bomb track ready for the other side, so we decided to do the EP like that. As for the dance floor, so far its only worked well and kept the people coming. For me its a kind of track that works in either section of the night, as its kind of subtle but it says a lot. It’s quite deep so it's working on the warm up, but also could transition for the peak of a groove hypnotic piece for the morning hours.

What’s your relationship like with the Moon Harbour family today?Anything new coming up that we should keep an eye out for?
"Its great, I’m still working on new material for them and playing loads of label showcases all around the globe. Even though I did release on Cadenza and Love Letter from Oslo recently, I still see Moon Harbour a lot as my home base label. At the moment I just finished a track for the upcoming InHouse compilation Vol. 4. So this should be out soon, and otherwise I am working on lots of material which might see the light of day in the near future."

What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline for 2012?
At the moment I am taking my time to work on lots of new ideas and tracks. I haven't signed much yet, as I still want to find the right tracks for the right moment. I have remixes for Alex Celler on Cinematic Label and Hermanzes on Inmotion Music coming up in the next month. Then I hopefully will be finishing my new album this year.

Can you tell us about the mix you've done for us? In what ways does it represent the artists and labels you’re into?
I actually just finished recording it. I basically just play a 1 hour version of a long club set and it includes a lot of the stuff that I play on heavy rotation right now. There is new remixes from Alex Celler, Marco Faraone and Luciano in there, also a great new track by Laps on Cadenza and stuff from my Argentinian friends Jorge Savoretti & Franco Cinelli as well as an all time classic from Rush Hour and ending with Alex Celler's beautiful "Conundrum" on Leftroom.

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your music career to date?
Remember to have fun & love what you do! Pretty cliché but it’s a good one.

Saturday 17th March

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