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Planet Mu Signing, Mr Mitch

Honestly, Mr Mitch has already proved himself as an artist who's commitment to his own vision is an absolutely vital part of what he does. His side-step into the realm of more inward looking music, at a time when a lot of his grime producer peers were trying to bury the competition under avalanches of siren screams and thunderous basslines, has come to define his output as... well, a little bit different.

His debut album, Parallel Memories, which was released last year on the Planet Mu label, is a collection of very personal, sorrowful, longing moments in sound that just seem content to hang on in there, ready for when you're in the correct frame of mind to really lean on them. His hollowed out, super melodic take on the idea of grime music seems to purposefully run away from any of the signifiers of trad grime music. His tracks are not bombastic, they're really rather shy. His music's not aggressive, it's more concerned with the reasoning behind the feeling of aggression than the impact of the act itself.

A rounded edged square in a perfectly round hole, we caught up with the London based producer ahead of his set in the Planet Mu hosted Room Two this Friday to see where his mind was at now that his opening statement has been properly received and digested...

Five months on from the release of your debut LP, Parallel Memories, how do you feel the experience has shaped you as a producer? Did it feel like your proudest accomplishment to date?

Mr Mitch: I would say so, yeah. It was definitely amazing to see all of the positive response it generated. It was a selfish album; I made it for me. It was a reflection of where my head and heart were at the time so it was a surprise to see it connect with so many other people. Working on an album really allowed me the room to create something true to myself, something that had no defined function other than to be enjoyed.

How did the process of signing with Planet Mu for come about?

I simply sent Mike [Paradinas] some demos early on in 2014 and luckily for me he liked all of them (apart from one). A lot of those tracks made the album as well.

What is it about Planet Mu that you particularly like and makes you admire them as a label?

Putting out music for 20 years is an amazing achievement; to be going so long with such a rich heritage of music. It’s an honour to be among the roster of artists. They’ve put out a lot of music that has been influential to me as a producer.

Ahead of your set this Friday, do you have anything new & exclusive you’re planning on playing? And with it being part of the Planet Mu takeover will you try and approach your set differently say, to when you play at your Boxed run nights?

I’ve got a lot of new tracks from myself and artists on my label that I want to test out. These days I try to approach my sets in a similar way that I did the album, I play music that is a kind of reflection of myself and the vibes that I want people to feel so expect a wide range of music from hype grime to emotional minimal stuff.

Considering Planet Mu’s turning 20, we’ve already asked a couple of people to pick out some of their most cherished tracks from the Mu back catalogue. Would you drop us a few of your most memorable?

Kuedo - Ant City

Kuedo’s Severant album blew me away when it came out and its hard to pick a favourite from it still, but 'Ant City' is up there. It still sounds like the future to me.

Starkey ft. P Money – Numb

This is possibly my favourite P Money track, it showed me how much room there was to explore when working with MCs.

Vex’d - Pop Pop

The first time I heard this, I didnt even know about dubstep as a genre; I just classified it as grime. It was through this track that I first heard the term 'dubstep' though and it was an entry point for me to the genre.

Gemmy – Supligen

The thing that connected with me the most about the ‘purple’ sound was their use of melody. When dubstep wasn’t really doing anything for me, Gemmy, Joker and co. gave me something to get excited about.

Terror Danjah – Horror Story

I feel like this track kind of went under the radar but its one I still play now. My favourite from his Power Grid EP.

Friday 15th May

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