Catching Up With Redshape

The production history of Sebastian Kramer, who the world will undoubtedly know best as Redshape, is impressive. He’s mastered taking his early influences of Detroit music and turning that into a kind of bracing and foot moving journey of his own technoid beats. We've enjoyed the different forms of sound that he brings whether it's from 2011's Redshape Presents Palisade venture where he slowed things down to a drone-chug crawl (fabricfirst members can re-enjoy that set here) and more recently taking things right up to the heights of rave with his Bonus Beatz where he called on the care free and fun groove of the 90's. That record is a premise of what is inspiring the masked producer right now making us all the more amped about his return to Room One this coming Saturday night joining Deetron for the launch of his fabric 76 album which we discussed when we caught up with him recently...

How's your summer so far? You were at Berghain last Saturday right? I heard it’s a special place for you...
Yeah I was playing, it was quite good actually I really enjoy that club and I tried out some new material. It's always special to play there, especially the Berghain because normally I play in Panoramabar so it was quite different.

I saw you mentioning online beforehand that you were excited about playing that space in particular…
It was the first techno club I performed a Redshape live set in in back in 2006, I actually know the club really well, last year when Square came out I had a release party there where I played my album stuff but this last show here I wanted to test myself out and see how techno I could go and yeah it worked pretty well and made it a bit stronger.

What’s new with your live set at the moment the footage from your Drone interview recently - is that something new?
Actually this show is based on my first album which I made with the guy who can see playing in the video - back then we did some shows and festivals together but we haven’t done it much since then. But the Rex Club guys wanted us to do the show with the drummer so it was the first time in about 4 years or something like that.

From what I heard it sounded pretty cool - any plans to bring it to the club here or more of the normal live show?
Well the normal one but it's been updated I’ve included some new unreleased material, I’ve also updated the hardware I am using so I can choose between 3 different drum machines to accompany the set, not yet decided which I’ll use for the fabric show!

I also noticed you've been sharing a lot of your remixes recently - which I found interesting especially as in a recent interview I did an artist kind of took a stab at them and indicated his enjoyment of them depended on the pay cheque with them ... do you feel differently about them are they something you enjoy?
Yes I do, last week the thing I did on Facebook was some fun, last year I did my favourite tracks week I don't tend to do things like that often I'm not a super social media guy. The thing with remixes is sadly the requests I get sometimes I'm not really into the music, there's not much to remix so I mean the payment is also nice but it's not mainly about whether I really like a track and I can see I can do something to it or open another door in the track then I normally do like to do it. But last year I didn't do any remixes because it's also a time issue it almost felt remixes would eat up all the creativity for my own material and so I thought I wouldn't do remixes for some time, now I'm starting slowly again.

Have you got anything you can tell us about?
Yes I'm working on some now but I haven't even told them who I’m saying yes to yet...

Is there a certain approach that you take when you do a remix?
There is a kind of approach I tend to take, first of all it's less like comparing what's in the track that's like my own back catalogue of music and if I find a part which I like then I'm pretty set already and I mostly play around with the lead verse or something like that and add another synth and play another variation of it and add a lot of loops in and stuff like that. I'm a really big fan of Matthew Herbert, especially his more experimental stuff he put out years ago. That's something really on my mind when I make a remix especially him what he did with sounds...

And what about your own work - you've just released Bonus Beatz which we love. Is that going to turn into a series...
Yes, that's why it's called volume 1 even though I don't have any plans to do another one soon I think it'll take one or two years I'll take for the next one but I'm working on a new release for running back so I'm just finishing that track right now, another is ready but I'm not sure where that will go that'll be more towards the end of the year like November and Running Back will be September.

What kind of thing can we expect to hear from you for these tracks?
The Running Back one is more of an on the floor one it's kind of like an epic trip and kind of old school actually - it has a 303.

We all like a bit of 303!
Yeah, It's a bit Larry Heardish - it's a bit like Larry Heardish a bit like that so it's also close to Bonus Beatz groove wise but it's more of a peak time thing but it's still kind of housey and there will also be a deep house version of that which I'm still working on

What kind of things have been inspiring you?
I'm feeling a strong relation to the 90's at the moment, more like the general feeling of the 90's it's quite interesting I'm kind of using stuff from that time quite obviously in the new records I'm doing at the moment and that's quite a lot of fun. It's funny and that's what I missed over the last few years it was a bit to serious. The general feeling the way the bodies react with music more like the look and feel.

Any big plans for the summer then?
To be honest I'm looking forward to my one week off, I'm not sure where I'm going but I need a beach!


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