Catching Up With Roska (+ Download Mr Tickles Ctirus VIP)

Roska’s Kicks & Snares label is a product of his resilience. The producer, whose weekly Rinse FM show gives him the platform to carve his own niche, pressed up a batch of vinyl to house his own tracks back in 2008 and since then the homespun imprint has expanded, offering other producers a recognisable outlet for their material. Stylistically the tracks by DJ Naughty, Mr Tickle and MA1 have all been in the same vein as that super percussive house bounce that Roska himself produces and it’s fitting that as a pioneer of the UK funky explosion that had its fuse lit proper in 2009, he’s providing and building an imprint of his own that serves to preserve what he’s been doing in clubs for years.

With his RKS label’s debut Room Three takeover brining the stripped back drum work and grinding insistence of it’s roster a week on Friday (with sets from Roska with long time vocal collaborator Jamie George, Champion, Shox, MA1 and J Kenzo), we caught up with Roska between stops on his North American tour to quickly grab a little bit of insight into his label and to announce a free download of the VIP mix of Mr Tickles lauded ‘Citrus (Don’t Get Lemon).’

Roska - The Climate Change EP

Your Kicks & Snares label has built successfully on the style of music you bring to the dance yourself. It’s moved itself on a bit from being a vehicle for your own work. Do you always want that to be the case? To release other people’s music I mean...
For the time being yeah I do. I think it's important for other artists to have a good platform to release. Where I was unfortunate not to have something when I first started to release in 2008 I was forced to start my own label...

What are you looking for in the music you release? A new swing or is it more a home to the type of stuff you would play out in a Roska set normally?
All the tracks released on RKS are all something I have played and supported and adopted in to my set in some sort of way. They all have a bit of Roska in there so it all ties in with each other.

In your own words, what you are aiming to bring to Room Three with the takeover?
I'm looking to make fabric a home for my style of music plus a platform for funky as there isn't much around. The response so far looks like it’s going to be heavy. We’re going to bring good party vibes and a reason for everyone to know RKS will be around for a long time.

What else have you got coming up? Both as Roska and through the label... Are there any other new producers we can expect to come through?
I have something forthcoming on Tectonic in the next few months plus I'm finishing my album off which will be coming out on Rinse in the New Year. RKS will have a few familiar faces on board from next year. We have Shox, who is on the fabric Room 3 line up, also a new MA1 release and in December we have a 3 tracker from Champion.

Tickles - Call 4 Backup (Out on RKS on 10th October)

Mr Tickle’s ‘Citrus’ came out back in May of 2011 backed with a Shox remix and three other original tracks. Its nagging lead line helped it get stuck in a lot of people’s heads. Ahead of the RKS Room Three takeover on the 7th October, Tickles is giving away this VIP version which reapplies the vocal to a completely different groove...

Download: Mr Tickles – Citrus (VIP)


Friday 7th October

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