Catching Up With Subscape & A Free Download of his Screw Up VIP

Subscape is one of the young soldiers who’s been populating Caspa’s Dub Police label with storming productions since 2008. A student at the same college as The Others it seems like no surprise that the Surrey based Subscape was destined to make as much of an impact as his likeminded buddys and ever since his clattering ‘Badman’ came out on his debut 12” for DP he’s been making all the right kind of inroads. Having completed his first tour outside of Europe recently and with a Room One date locked in for next Friday, we took him aside for a little chat and he offered up a free download of his VIP version of ‘Screw Up.’

First up, how was the US tour?
The USA tour in February was my first tour outside of Europe so I didn’t know what to expect. It looked great on paper but was even more mind blowing being out there for the first time and also being able to do it with the Dub Police camp. We did 9 dates coast to coast over 2 and a half weeks and each was a highlight in itself; New York, Miami, LA , and Denver just to name a few. Big Parties and lots of booze so it’s safe to say I can’t wait to get back out there and do it all again!

Obviously that opportunity came as a result of working closely with Dub Police, how do you think you fit on the label and what makes you want to continue working together?
Everybody has their place on the label and I’m more than happy with my position on it. It’s a big label to be on, which is a great platform to showcase my music; the reason why it works so well is that I’m left to do what I want to do in terms of the evolution of my sound. As a label we are always working together with the same direction in mind.

It also makes me feel great to be on such a buzzing label at the moment working alongside talented artists. Everyone has their own unique sound on the label which means no one is in direct competition with anyone.

To rewind a little bit perhaps, what is it about dubstep and in particular the Dub Police sound that you are drawn to?
I’ve always been into electronic bass music whatever the genre so dubstep ticked all the boxes for me. Securing my first release of ‘Badman’ b/w ‘Transaction’ with Dub Police was one of the best decisions I made to start my career. The Dub Police sound back then was a little bit rawer than it is now and the label has progressed with the dubstep sound since then, but still keeping its raw quality roots. It was that reason I was attracted to the label and everything it was doing at that time, the Caspa and Rusko FABRICLIVE mix had just come out showcasing a lot of Dub Police releases with a lot of buzz around the label, so there was no doubt it was a label I wanted to work with.

You’ve been given the chance to remix some big players of late, Ed Sheeran and Adam F etc, do you approach those remixes differently to how you would make a tune usually?
Its almost overwhelming to be given the chance to do remix projects for big artists like Ed Sheeran and Adam F and I was more than happy to put my spin on these already great tracks. I really enjoy doing remixes because all the elements are there ready to be cut up and mixed about to how I like and a great way to show off my skills as a producer.

Tell us a bit about the free track?
The free track I’m giving away is’ Screw Up VIP’; the original came on my first major EP project on Dub Police, ‘Time To Escape’. It was my first attempt at a VIP mix of one of my tracks and I’ve been sitting on it for a while. It’s been my secret tune in my sets for the last year and it’s great that I can make it available now for people to enjoy. You can also find a few more goodies on my website

What are you looking forward to most about playing Room One of fabric again?
I always look forward to playing at fabric and Room One is simply crazy! If you’ve been before you’ll know the sound system feels like a hammer to the chest and the crowd, the DJ set up and the lineups have been second to none so far, plus it’s a great place to test out new tunes straight out of the studio!

Download: Subscape – Screw Up VIP

Catch Subscape in Room One at Dub Police next Friday.

Friday 20th April

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