Catching Up with the WetYourSelf Residents

This Sunday WetYourSelf will be steered by Cormac, Peter Pixzel and Jacob Husley and them only. They’re calling it the WYS! Residential and to launch the concept of them eschewing all guests, with all three DJs playing longer more explorative sets ,we caught up with guys to catch up after their busy summer. They also provided this Kehakuma Mix made as an ode to their residency at Space in Ibiza this Summer just gone.

Download: WYS! - Kehakuma Mix 2011

So you guys are launching your new concept, WetYourSelf Residential, this Sunday. Could you tell us a little bit about it?
It's been a while since we have had the club open with just the three residents playing, so we thought it was about time again. As much as we LOVE having both amazing international stars and local talent come playing with us on a weekly basis we are also very excited to be able to play extended set and really be able to show our brilliant crowd what we are capable of as individual DJs.

This is a concept on its own and it will properly be used at WetYourSelf and internationally from time to time. We are still working on it but are very happy to be able to showcase ourselves from time to time as well…

WetYourSelf has been very busy this year. What is your recipe?
We are working extremely hard on this project. We are all three putting more energy in than ever before and we are pushing more angles. We think that everything feeds each other so looking at how our label is going and with our summer residency at Kehakuma @ Space, Ibiza we think that we have properly reached more people in 2011 in our quest of preaching the WYS! message..

The label is also going from strength to strength in 2011…
Well, this year has indeed been amazing so far; busy and full of great moments. Our record label is turning one this month and we have had some pretty brilliant feedback from artist, DJs and press so far.

We have a very exciting Birthday EP coming up in the start of October which will include one tune from each of us three residents and a DJ mix of the most played tunes from the label’s first year of releasing. Besides that we have some VERY exciting EPs and album projects already scheduled for our second year, so stay tuned!

All three of you produce alongside running the night and label right?
Yes. As mentioned before we are releasing the next EP on WetYourSelf Recordings which we are super excited about, it’s the first EP which we are all featured on and it feels great to also be able to release music together.

We do also do a lot of music individually. We have all been producing music for years and will continue to do this. Cormac has releases on BPitch Control. Peter launched his other project App in 2011 with a debut release in March on the decade old label. They’re also putting the finishing touches to their debut album which should be out early next year. Jacob will release his second EP on our label in November. It’s shaping up to be a massive EP with great re-mixers…

Catch WYS! in Room One this Sunday.

Sunday 25th September

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