Win A Very Rare Copy Of Vatican Shadow's Death Is Unity With God Box Set

Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions label has been an intimate part of its owner's existence ever since the age of 16. It's been the vessel that he's used to get the hand crafted tapes and CDRs populated with his own productions out into the world. Becoming an outlet for his, at times meditative and at others ferocious, machine works it evolved to house the output of other artists he's met on his journey that fit into the label's somewhat macabre world view. To this day, Fernow has released over 400 sound artefacts, all the while remaining fiercely DIY and independent at heart.

Fernow’s production under his Vatican Shadow moniker is often aimed directly at forcing the listener to face up to the militarised and religious fundamentalist plagued planet we live in. As well as being felt in the nuances of the music itself the tracks titles don't hold back at directing you how the sound should be interpreted - calling his limited edition box set that he released this summer: Death Is Unity With God is another prime example of that symbolism synergy. Creating just 100 copies of said box set, Fernow distributed them himself whilst on tour and although you can get hold of the digital music quite readily online, the physical products are much harder to acquire (and are consequently up for sale for silly money on Discogs).

But don't fret, if owning the super special release seems forever out of your grasp, the maker himself has just promised to bring one of the last remaining copies with him to Farringdon this weekend where he’s set to present the uncompromising technoid label in Room Two inviting Ron Morelli, Function and Roberto to share their own beats.

To be in the running to win your copy simply send an email to telling us the name of Vatican Shadow and Function's collaborative album that was released earlier this Autumn. Winners will be notified by email before the weekend.

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Saturday 22nd November

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