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10 Years Of Hudd Traxx Selected by Eddie Leader

Not many record labels stick around that long to go the distance but Hudd Traxx (founded in 2005 by Eddie Leader, Danny White & Rucky) will shortly surpass the accolade of out lasting a decade having released high grade house cuts and calling on the likes of DJ Sneak, Rolando, Rick Wade, Brett Johnson and many more to populate their roster. To cut through the guff, they're a very solid filter of excellence in what is a saturated market. Focussing on cutting deep reaching tracks to vinyl we're pretty sure that you would be able to hear a record from their back catalogue here in EC1 on any given weekend. And seeing as we are on the same plane when it comes to sound we are more than happy to be pairing up to mark their past decade by hosting their 10th Birthday bash in Room Three on Saturday 1st August when they'll be bringing label regulars Brett Johnson, Iron Curtis and Tomson to perform alongside one of the label's original founders, Eddie Leader.

In a nod to all that has been achieved and in an attempt to somehow sketch out a time line of the wealth of music that has been released by Hudd Traxx throughout the years, we called on Leader to work his way through the years sharing the tracks that have stood out for him kicking things off with an exclusive free download of the established imprint's premier release.

2005: Slum Science – Creeps Who Sleep (Scott Pace Remix) – Hudd Traxx 001

This was from the first release we put out so I guess it’s in there to show where we started off. Slum Science was a group formed by Danny White and Rucky (the guys I used to run the label with) and myself. We brought Scott Pace (from Midas) in to remix 'Creeps Who Sleep' and I still think it sounds pretty good today to be honest. I’ve made this available to download free for fabric Blog readers.

2006: Iz & Diz – Happy – Hudd Traxx 006

This is probably still my favourite track we have released until this day. I remember Diz sending it to me saying it was available and I couldn’t believe my luck. Also these guys used to be fabric regulars so it ties in nicely. We have just re-released this on our 10 Years Of Hudd Traxx ‘Now & Then’ Series.

2007: Rhythm Plate – Inside Me Hudd Traxx 013

This was a big track for us. Rhythm Plate were always underrated but I was a big fan of their music. Astral T really nailed it on the vocals aswell. I have seen a recent video of Kerri Chandler playing this and it’s 8 years or so old. It was difficult not to include JT Donaldson’s ‘Just Bounce’ as that was also released in 2007 but I had to pick one so here it is.

2008: Brett Johnson – A Tiger Within - Hudd Traxx 018

I would usually pick ‘Mr Smarty Pants’ from Brett’s Blasts From The Past EP but wanted to give this some exposure as it often gets overlooked. A little different to Brett’s usual output but still a really classy number.

2009: Synthcast, Pagal & Eddie Leader - The Bass (Agnès Knees Down Mixx) – Hudd Traxx 022

The original of this was a track I did with my Romanian friends in Bucharest. They had initially sent me the Pepper Funk EP which was released prior to this and we made the original after the release party for that release. Around a similar time I met Agnès in Manchester at a gig he was playing and asked him to do the remix shortly after. We both have a similar sense of humour so have been the best of friends since and this was his first track for us.

2010: Iron Curtis – You Are – Hudd Traxx 026

This was a tough year to pick one track from as we released music by Rick Wade, Rolando, Chris Carrier, Rio Padice, Jay Bliss & Ekkohaus. However I have to pick my man Iron Curtis for this one as all 4 tracks on his Stansfield EP were absolute killer. I was a fan of his from his first release on Mirau and contacted him straight away asking for music. Luckily he knew and liked the label and the rest is history.

2011: Agnès – You Did Naughty – Hudd Traxx 035

This is easily one of my favourite releases. The whole record is awesome in my opinion. I spent two years pestering Boris for a full EP, but he is a perfectionist and didn't want to release until he was 100% happy which I respect him for. Funnily enough he wasn't convinced this track worked with the EP as it was a different vibe to the rest of the record. However I told him I was confident it worked and the release went on to doing really well, with the track also being licensed to Disclosure’s Mixmag CD.

2012: Andrade – The Dragon Shot – Hudd Traxx 039

'Housed' and 'Inconditional' were the biggest tracks on this release by Andrade but I wanted to shed a little light on this B side, 'Groover'.

2013: Accatone – A Reason Not To Try (Matthew Herbert Remix) – Hudd Traxx 046

I always loved the vocal on this one and thought it would take off with a big remix behind it. Matthew Herbert was my number one choice and I couldn’t believe it when he said yes. He’s someone I’ve always looked up to and has always created diverse music which works on the dancefloor. To have someone of his calibre on the label is something I’m really proud of. Props to Accatone for the original as well.

2014: Tomson, Eddie Leader & Chez Damier – I Am With You – H45

This record was a long time in the making. I booked Chez with my friends at the Content night we used to run in Manchester. We stayed in touch after our first meeting and anyone that has met Chez will tell you he’s quite a character. Anyway I had been asking him to do some vocals on a track and the opportunity arose when he was due to play in Manchester some 5 years after we had booked him at Content. After a missed flight from Chicago, and a re-route to Heathrow I picked him up and he was singing the vocals in the car on the way back up the M6. A post gig 6am studio session with me, Tomson and Brawther followed and this was the end result.

2015: Iron Curtis – Care – Hudd Traxx 047

That man Iron Curtis delivers his second full EP for us and again raises the bar with another ace four tracker. It’s tough to choose one track from the EP but if I had to it would probably be ‘Care’.

Saturday 1st August

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