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10 Years of Hyperdub

When we welcomed the Hyperdub label here for the first time back in 2012, we wrote about the label’s legacy, the tangible longevity of their releases and how the South London based label’s output still managed to carve new shapes each and every time you hear it. At the time we pointed to a Rinse FM show that was basically the ‘Dummies Guide’ to the label where label pilot Kode9 (pictured) ripped through his label’s back catalogue and presented a two hour show of pure ‘Hyperdub’ music. It very much and very neatly proved our point with the older material simultaneously reminding us of woozy snapshots in time stood in basements in Shoreditch and the cyclical nature of some of the music that’s followed those records. But what’s probably a lot more prevalent than our memories of hearing ‘Aidy’s Girl…’ out for the first time, is the fact that this year, Hyperdub turns 10 with the label celebrating their first decade of existence right here curated the lineup across the whole club on Friday 23rd May.

After starting as a webzine concerned with profiling dark garage and grime music - and the pioneering artists of those genres at the time - Hyperdub released its first record in 2004 - Kode9 and Daddi Gee’s ‘Sign Of The Dub’ - and over the decade that’s followed its released a hell of a lot of records, projects and albums by artists as varied as Burial, Scratcha DVA, Laurel Halo, Ikonika, Hype Williams, Darkstar, Cooly G, Terror Danjah, Funkystepz, Jessy Lanza and King Midas Sound amongst many others. Long since heralded as a tastemaker, Kode9’s A&R policy reflects much more than the way he DJs - although admittedly it does that very nicely too – so in a bid to reflect a bit of the breadth apparent in the label’s discography we’ve* picked 10 tracks that will help serve as a short and sharp introduction to some of what we feel are the label’s key moments.

Hyperdub take over the entire club on 23rd May. To bask in the full lineup and purchase advance tickets, go here:

*As picked by Dave Gamble and Oli Marlow.

Friday 23rd May

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