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Alix Perez's 5 Most Influential Hip Hop Tracks

Alix Perez is no stranger to our musical locale. Beginning his journey as one of Shogun Audio’s ever growing protégés the Belgian-born producer has gone on to become one of the most sought-after artists to emerge from out of the drum & bass circle. From his collaborations with artists like Foreign Beggars to 2009’s ground-breaking 1984 LP, it’s Alix’s empirical take on the bass infused spectrums that have not only built the foundations for his fortuitous career but has also, in some ways, helped shape the d&b sound that’s followed.

As Perez prepares for the release of U, his eagerly awaited EP on Exit Records and ventures back between our brick walls for not one but two forthcoming sets, he’s kindly found the time to dig through the crates to pick out five of his most influential hip hop tracks in promotion for his Room Two appearance this weekend.


Friday 28th March

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