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Breakage Shares Some Of His Most Influential Tracks

It's been a fair while since we last chatted to Breakage, and in that time the Digital Sound Boy comrade has accomplished copious amounts, including producing and releasing his third studio album, When The Night Comes. It’s a record that not only saw the producer delve into the more hyper produced, intense dancefloor orientated realm of club music, it also further outlined the meticulous producer's music making capacities having previously been the name behind some of drum & bass and dubstep’s most intrinsic cuts. With all that said, we deemed it apt that in anticipation for his next set here this Friday when he'll join Hype and co for Playaz in Room One, we'd ask him to take a good look back through the archives and pick out the tracks that he feels laid the foundations for his career.

Renegade - Terrorist

Breakage: "There's a clean four bars of the amen break in 'Terrorist' around half way through and that's where I first sampled it from before getting the original. It was also on repeat on my Walkman when I was 14/15 years old."

Goldie - Inner City Life

"This was the first bit of jungle I heard that left me in absolute awe and it still does. 21 minutes of perfection."

Photek - UFO

"It's hard to single out one Photek track because they are all bloody brilliant and he's one of my production heroes, but this one just does it for me every time."

Radiohead - Pyramid Song

"Radiohead are masters of changing styles and blurring the boundaries while still keeping their own sound within each album. This one is a great example of that."

Massive Attack - Angel

"Just perfect. Mezzanine as a whole still sounds as futuristic today as when it first came out. It also features my favourite reggae singer, Horace Andy."

Dillinjah - Angels Fell

"Dillinjah is just the king of basses and drum switches."

Burial - Etched Headplate

"I only discovered this a couple of years ago but it's become a winner for me in terms of feeling and chord progression."

Noise Factory - Breakage 4

"I wouldn't be called 'Breakage' without it!"

Friday 25th September

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